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How To Write A 400-Word Article For Ezine In An Hour

How To Write a 400 Word-Article for Ezine in an Hour

You can write anything quickly if you have the facts. Sometimes, it’s not only a hundred words, but more, in an hour. If you’re an expert in the field you will write about, you can make lots of books (of course, with patience).

Now, I am writing for more than a year at Ezine This opportunity truly helped me in my writing endeavor (Thank God!). Ezine is a community of experts in several fields sharing their knowledge online. The writer, the reader, and Ezine : all benefits in sharing the materials written for global literacy.

I. How to write it quickly:

1. Know your expertise.
2. Gather data and examples.
3. Make an outline.
4. Make a title.
5. At least, make a striking beginning sentence.
6. Develop the ideas. Make paragraphs by narrating, comparing, or giving examples.
7. Make an ending sentence.
8. Check your work for errors and rewrite.
9. Submit to Ezine articles online.

II. The Professional Approach:

Before writing the article, the writer has to know his purpose in writing. The choice of idea is very important. The idea must be fresh and saleable.

Is your opening appealing?
Is your main idea interesting?
Is the ending challenging or invoking?

III.Consider the following:

1. Facts must be accurate. Remember the golden rule in article writing: “When in doubt, leave it out!”
2. Write in simple words for clarity. The ordinary reader wants sound information, and nothing dull.
3. Be objective but creative.
4. Answer the question words: what, where, how, when, and who, among others.

IV. Examine your own daily routine. Your experience of life might be different from that of another person in the same path. Everyone has his own unique experience and knowledge to share. Each has got an interesting hobby. What you have learned or thought in wrestling with problems may influence readers who have similar problems. Bear in mind, man is a social being.

Your work and interests will influence you in the subjects you will write. If you are a professional, you can always share information, interesting facts, or the basics to the layman and/or ordinary reader, those they could not learn from another source.

The scope for specialization or expertise is a large array of topics/subjects: from A-Z, Astronomy, Cooking, Health, History, Life, Law, Pets, Social Problems, Travel, and Yachting. Find your topic, your expertise, and write your 400 word-article now!

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Gifts Guys Would Like to Have

Four Gifts Every Guy Would Love

Guys are said to be powerful creatures. What would they want as a gift, maybe for valentine or on special occasions?

They would want a lot and more, because guys are never satisfied even if they almost have everything. Of course, no one can deny an ATM card and kisses. Right?

Well, some would want a tie, a cellphone, a laptop, a new shirt, a trainer, a new wallet, an expensive watch or perfume, or their favorite food. If you are rich, maybe a car or a prestigious position. Fiction says, “Guys have alien hormones.” So what do they really like aside from sex, estate, and power?

Let us quantify the love word as a gift for them. No more, no less, it’s intangible and could not give any physical or material satisfaction.

Here’s the acrostic I invented, I thought guys would ponder on these as gifts: L for love, O for obedience, V for vow, and E for eating.

Love. So a girl/ anyone can give him love in a marriage or commitment

Obedience. This gives guys power and pride

Vow. A vow or a promise that one is his alone

Eating. A gift of food and cooking to the male

Guys would shrug their shoulders. I couldn’t tell how guys would rate these gifts, but that is their preference. Sometimes, we need to explore alien minds, sorry.

Saint Mary Magdalene’s offering to Jesus was her tears, sorrow, and repentant heart. She wiped the feet of Jesus with her hair and rubbed it with perfume. It was her great love and a sincere heart that moved Jesus with pity.

A wife gives her virginity to her husband as a gift. Daughters give pride to their fathers with their career and accomplishment. A mother supports her sons, and sisters give cooking and understanding to their brothers as gifts. Yin and Yang.

I asked Koji San, one of my Japanese students, about what he wants to receive as a gift from others?

“Just what do you really want?”

“If I would be given a gift, I can wish for a shirt, like that stuff. I prefer common gifts. I value anything given.”

“What else?”

“And a candle!” (I have never expected he’d say that.)

“I thought I would be asked to pray, and my friend/s can also pray for me.”

I smiled. Truly guys have alien minds, but their honesty and simplicity can make women adore them.

Rose Flores - Martinez

IKEBANA: Sensitivity and Tranquility of Flower Art

IKEBANA: Sensitivity and Tranquility of Flower Art

Japanese are known for their sensitivity and love for nature. Ikebana is Japanese art in flower arrangement that shows the relationship of sky, earth, and man. Centuries ago, the first students and teachers of Ikebana were monks. Solitude is necessary during the process of arranging the flowers. Tranquility of the heart is attained after the finished project.

Let us learn how Norie (Tanabe), a Japanese professional describes Ikebana.

Question: What is Ikebana?

Norie: Ikebana is one of the Japanese’ traditional lessons, especially for women. In the usual Ikebana, the teacher gives students some flowers and the students decorate by themselves on the flower plate called "Kaki.”

We decide a chosen flower and decorate it by free emotion and feeling. That is why the quality of finished project /article depends on the sensitivity.

If our mental condition couldn't settle down, the quality of article would not be complete.
Through a lot of lesson and convention, we can get the license according to our level.

Question: When did you begin to learn Ikebana?

Norie: My mother and her sister (they are a twin) have taken Ikebana lesson since their childhood days.

One day I was brought to their Ikebana class and the teacher gave me some flowers. She recommended me to try it for pleasure.

After I completed it, everyone was amazed in the quality (It's true not in all modesty!) of my work, even though I have never taken the lesson.

So the teacher recommended me to begin Ikebana. I was glad to hear that because everyone praised me!

It is the reason why I began Ikebana.

Question: What are the other famous flower art in Japan?

Norie: Flower arrangements are famous in Japan. And also, dry flower arrangement is popular.

We enjoy the beauty of flower imitations and enjoy dry flower. It lasts longer than Ikebana because in Ikebana real flowers are used.

But though some people say imitation, dry, and unreal flowers are reasonable, one cannot completely enjoy real beauty and feel the importance of a real flower.

Also, real flowers give us clean air and fresh feeling!

Question: Did you enjoy learning Ikebana? Why?

Norie: This question is a bit difficult question for me. Of course, I could enjoy Ikebana. But sometimes, some flowers are difficult to use. It is easier to use the flower with a center, like the sunflower.

It is important to make a good center. Following the center, the next ones can be decorated easily. When I can find the center flower, I can have a lot of images. I enjoy it very much. To feel and express my idea is interesting!

Question: How about other Japanese, do they value Ikebana?

Norie: Some Japanese don’t try the Ikebana. Some say it was the custom for rich people a long time ago.

That's why most Japanese value Ikebana but hesitate to try it. I bet their images for Ikebana should be changed once they try. It is not so difficult and there is no textbook. All you need to do is use your sensitivity.

Question: Compare Ikebana to the other Japanese way of life/tradition

Norie: “Sado” is one tradition in Japan. It is to make Japanese tea (green tea) and enjoy it with some Japanese cake on “Tatami.”

Both customs need a stable mental condition.

I think Judo and Karate of the Japanese are also special, among others.

Thank you Norie for sharing to us about Ikebana!

Texts by
Rose Flores – Martinez
Norie Tanabe

How Online Classes Work

How Online Classes Work

An Online Class is a class using the internet. It can be any tutorial class, a conversation class, or an ESL class, among others.

Usually, those who get online classes are students and/or professionals who can’t find a convenient schedule and /or are saving on travel time due to other important concerns like other work schedules.

How does this work?

There are accredited schools and qualified and experienced freelance teachers offering their services online. In some cases, referrals are necessary for the payment and the quality of expertise the teacher can deliver.

In a Basic Grammar class for example, an online class is supposed to have what a regular class can offer. If the teacher has taught a Basic Grammar class for years, of course, he/she knows exactly what to give the students. If the teacher has taught English in a Language Center, then the teacher with his/her years of teaching experience can teach the language online. Materials must be updated. Reading texts must be fresh, original, or coming from various sources offered for the necessary levels.

Special certificates can be given as a proof, or as required. The teacher must be equipped with ongoing seminars, workshops, tools, and/or practicing a profession related to what he/she is teaching.

Presently, a couple of English Conversation classes are considered online together with the blast of high technology. The “World Wide Web (www)” in its mission - helping in global literacy, serves an important role in educating and communicating around the world, creating global communities for progress.

Online classes are held an hour or an hour and 30 minutes. It is like going to an ordinary school three or four times a week. The classes can be held for a month or several months, even years, for practice and preparation for professional examinations and/ or as the need of student/professional requires.

An Experience: Doing an online class is rewarding for a teacher like me. I don’t have to leave the house, and with the help of my sister Juvy /friends (also a teacher/professionals) in Japan and other countries, I can do classes with foreign students and professionals, in different parts of the world, us all, learning and sharing together.

Creativity of teachers and students are required in online classes. But then, the sense of learning, profundity of ideas, and retention are necessary for future requirements. Online classes can come together studying travel, places, events, culture, attitudes, ethics, and those topics communities can share; despite oceans that divide them, despite limitations of time and space.

Rosalinda Flores – Martinez
June 27, 2010