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On February 8: A Prayer Poem For Calamities by Rosalinda Flores - Martinez

Image A Prayer Poem for Calamities 
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Print friendly versionE-mail this poem to a friendSend this poem as eCardAdd this poem to MyPoemListAdd this poet to MyPoetList Lord, we could do nothing but wait at what would come to us
We are nothing but dust, yet you made us your children
Our hands could not reach out, but only measure from one arm
Our feet could not run, but only walk a few steps till the next turn.

We couldn’t hide God, but just stay where we are
When the earth shakes, the waters rise, and darkness visit our lands
We could only cry for your mercy and seek Your Face.
Where are you dearest God?

Please protect us and those we love
Hold each falling leaf, and sweep with your breath
Every rattle of doom. God come, come God to us, and carry
The weak earth, every crippled nation and mend
Those teeth all cracked from the mouth of life.

We are so afraid dear God,