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The Art of Cooking/Mother: Expert Chef

The Art of Cooking

“I had to clean the fish, and so I soaped it.”

That attempt was foul so my sister laughed at me. That happened when I was in high school.

Cooking is an art. Like learning a language practice makes it perfect. In school, we begin to learn this as part of our Home Economics class. Here we’re taught how to cook rice, chop vegetables, boil soup, and make a sunny side-up, among others.

As we grow older, we become more detailed about our foods. We try to cook, and learn cooking with zest because we just love to eat. We even learn the names of menus, delicacies, fish labels, popular canned products for sauces, herbs, TV dinners for food-to-go.

“Cook” in its imperative sense, is preparation before eating. In the English standard dictionary it means basically preparing a hot meal. It could also mean steam, stew, zap, whip, and more. My first cooking project was cucumber pickles - I had fun using this food shapers and scoopers. I guess some girls like me aren’t…

Smile Everyone (on a Thursday, 11.12.09)

The best thing that can happen to you everyday


when someone smiles at you

when someone admonishes you, then brings you wisdom

when you face and are trapped in an unwanted situation, then you understand life

when you are scared, then you laugh out loud

when you are bored, then you find new things to do

when you are angry, then you learn compassion

when the world is at your back, then you couldn't stand but kneel

and you are happy

and you laugh out loud

and you sing

and you love

and you pray for GODs family

and you pray

and you pray

and utter, GOD don't leave me!

Have a nice day everyone!