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My Chemical Romance

May 7, 2010

Creative Art in "My Chemical Romance"

“It’s MCR,” My Chemical Romance. The first time I discovered them was in the music video “I Don’t Love You.” There was that moving feeling.

I think it’s how people and artists discover works of art. They find something beautiful in it, something different, and something mysterious; beyond images.

Honestly, it is not in the books. Art is being, would dare, and endure unceasingly.

Songs like poems involve with the senses. Like poetry, you feel the music in you, merge with the fluids of your body. It makes you smile, cry, and even scream or whisper.

MCR’s repertoire consists of songs that tell about death, and questions about life and death.

It's some feeling of sympathy to people feeling down and bringing out that silenced sadness. That feeling of gloom in their style, come very expressive and freeing.

In a creative expression, the senses come together in the heart. Like poetry, you just be (Ars Poetica, Archibald Ma…