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What To Do If You Lost An Earring

"A woman is to be adorned," as a saying goes.

So whether your accessories are real, fake, exotic, or simple; they are okay.

Jewelry, fashion accessories and even body tattoos are amusing. They enhance one's unique personality.

You can try what is good on you and what will enhance your beauty!

Earrings are cute. They are stunning adornments.

When I was younger, my mother let me wear earrings. They were real. Kids usually wore the real inexpensive ones because their ears were sensitive. I got scolded because I often went home with one earring left. I lost one piece, and then another piece. That was offensive to my mother.

Earrings were lost because I played rough games in school, so I dropped them. I felt guilty and was silent for a week. Then all would be back to normal, and another earring would be lost.

When I got older, I used the big unreal ones with different colors which my aunts gave me.

Now that I'm a bit old, I can use any earrings or none at all. Way back i…

How To Pick A Topic For Creative Writing

Being creative is a gift to all. You have to feel in what aspect you could be special and doing it with fun.

A creative topic for an essay is just writing something special or unique. Of course, there are literary canons, and Shakespeare, and James Joyce, and more, but then, you have to find your own voice. Don't fake it or be clichéd. Everyday events can help, and the more it comes original, the better.

Creative Writing is never easy. It will mangle your brain and cut your heart piece by piece. Creative writers, wouldn't announce that laurel on their heads because can you imagine what kind of person is the one who hallucinates, make-up stories, and talk in paper? That is half-awake and half-dreaming, and besides writing is subjective. Sometimes writing is a thankless job, too, however noble. But then again, no one can stop the creative writer, he/she will write, and no one can stop him at a gun point or lacerating his neck vein by vein. Not being able to write is death for a…

Blogging Tips: What Are Blogs About

I'm proud to be a blogger! Years ago, I didn't have enough ideas what blogging was all about. I thought it was insignificant, but I was wrong. It meant more than just recording or posting. In my profession, as a writer and a teacher, it has to be a part of me.

Blogging is almost the same as writing a diary, plotting a journal or writing down history. It is also a social networking tool and a gift of modern technology to collaborate on something useful for everyone.

The process of blogging defines time, man, and culture on the web. The entries that are posted will serve as materials for new ideas, new stories, and innovations around the world.

How often should you post?

On your blogs, you can post images, videos, and texts, among others.
Some post everyday. Some post a week. Some - every minute (Wow!), and the others, post as they just like. But the more serious bloggers post as often as possible.

What Could You Post (Tips):
1. How to do stuff
2. History facts
4. Pra…

How ESL Students Can Improve Their Written English

Many ESL students are already well-versed in basic grammar. Some of these students are from good universities and some are established professionals. In fact, many have memorized the grammar rules, but the problem is that, they find it difficult to compose a clear sentence.

I make it a point that before I leave my students, they are able to make a good sentence. "Grammar cannot, at all times be perfect even for native speakers," but I tell them that to let them try. They are then motivated to practice more.

At least two or three times a week (as a homework), I let them write five or ten sentences. On the next day, the student reads his/her homework and explains to me/ the class about it. We have detailed facts and an exciting conversation.

I edit/check the homework a day before or after the class.

After the corrections, he writes his sentences again for review. That is how I teach them how to write. Online, we email each other, so at least they could see and really practice…

How To Begin Your Essay

"The essays are attempts," as the essayist Michel E. De Montaigne describes. They're expressions of thoughts and feelings from the writer's discontent. Like fiction, the essay has a plot, which is the beginning, middle, and end.

"All that's begun well ends well," says a proverb, so here are ways to begin an essay.

1. By definition

A word or phrase can be defined. An idea can be defined. A dictionary could be used for the denotative meaning, or a writer's informal definition would be useful for fresh and original ideas. Basically, to define something is to answer the question "What?"

2. By an anecdote

Short, lively stories and/or sketches invite those who are curious about life. Some of these anecdotes are noted from the Bible, literature books or success stories. Just be careful and make sure, the anecdotes are not so familiar with the readers and must relate to the content and idea of your essay.

3. By a striking statement or quote

Your …

Writing For Magazines: Article Length and Format

When I started to write free lance for the magazines, they counted the words of the manuscript, and that was how we got paid. Some publications, though, paid a fixed amount for an article, but required a minimum number of words. Still other publications paid a good amount, on a per-page or per project basis. In writing, everything is rewarding, but you need to work harder or get a second job, if you can't assume a full-time writing post in any publication office (magazine, newspaper, advertising or public relations office, book publishing company, TV drama show, etc.).

How many words need an article be?

An article may be several thousand words in length or it may consist of only a few hundred words. Long articles are needed by some publications only.

Articles for the serious weekly papers may range from 1000-1,500 words; the nearer to 1000, the better. The daily newspapers and the popular weekly newspapers do not usually require articles of much above 1,200 words. The most saleab…

Is The Hair Really A Crowning Glory?

Truly, this saying goes for all time.

Many of us spend a lot of time on our hair. Some make oil from fresh coconut milk and apply them on the hair for luster and strength boost once every week. Old people say that fresh coconut milk is for nourishing the scalp and to prevent falling hair. Some say it is to maintain color or deep blackness.

How true is the hair myth using mayonnaise?

How about coconut oil, mineral oil, lemon, or native citrus fruits?

Some say that stuff could help like the aloe vera plant could help grow thick hair strands.

On mayonnaise for the hair, specialists say that mayonnaise for the hair is a waste. There are proper products specifically designed according to the degree of sensitization of one's hair, whether it's normal, dry, very sensitive or damaged.

Dandruff can be prevented by normalizing the shedding off of dead cells. The hair needs external help, just as food nourishes the body. We need to use some beauty products to make the scalp calm down, s…

50 Reasons To Be Happy

What is happiness? Its definition is often abstract, but when you find it in your heart its continuity is enchanting and conquering. True happiness is shared happiness. True happiness generates love and calms even a wrenching devastation.

1. Life is worth more than a million bucks.
2. The tongue has the pleasure of taste.
3. Walking without shoes is okay, than not being able to go to any place.
4. Thoughts make life exciting!
5. Time is a basic resource. You are a millionaire!
6. Many are happy they have you.
7. You are a challenger. You challenge others to move forward.
8. The world is turning.
9. Yey! We're not damned!
10. The moon and the sun peeps.
11. Air is free.
12. Science ascends humanity. You make science.
13. Ocean has food. Seafood is yummy.
14. The forest has trees for shelter.
15. Pet s and beasts, we have an abundance. They give balance.
16. You are free to work and trade for some needs.
17. There's a World Wide Web. (www)
18. There's a cellphone.
19. The e…

The Basic Rules of Writing

The basic rule of writing is to make a clear sentence. That one basic rule embodies more rules that include basic grammar rules, thought building, and a way to communicate or express oneself in a language.

Knowing grammar entails being familiar with the figures of speech: noun, pronoun, adjective, verb, adverb, preposition, conjunction, and interjection.

Each part of speech embodies a set of rules, as to how each part should coordinate with the other parts of speech in writing a sentence. A sentence is written, and analyzed as to idea, construction, or style. Different languages display various basic sentence patterns, like the English language.

When a child, words are learned from the foundations of vocabulary building and thought building. Later, many forms of literature are available. So this one basic rule is easy, as it is hard. Remember the Kiss Theory, "Keep it simple stupid." Sorry for the negative connotation, but that word was emphasized to make us remember how to…