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This November: Of Saints and Souls

Death is one sure thing that will happen in our life.It is the sunset that swiftly disappears in the sky, slowly hiding itself from the earth to peacefully follow the light.The thing is, there is no way to convince us of its blissful state because of uncertainty.For most of us death is dreadful.
For those who died ahead, may they rest in peace – and let their souls be remembered in their prayers.For the saints, may their example be our guiding light here on earth.
Consider yourself already dead.What do you think would you have done in your lifetime?You’d probably do well to heed St. Bernard’s advice:“Consider the sins of manhood and weep over them; consider the sins of your present life, tremble and make haste to amend your life.”After all, everybody wants to go to heaven and while on this journey, each soul hopes not to be lost, but to see GOD.
Do souls really get lost?If they do, where do they go?A priest says a soul, when separated from the body, may go to heaven, p…