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the silent red letters whisper to me: write

about nothing in the black paper that wait

maybe someone would read, maybe no one

but i would try so

the mystery of letters wants to say something

ideas and words, many words that would come out

secrets revealed


held in my possession

march 30 2009/ what?

life is like a plant that grows

slowly it branches out or falls out leaves

sometimes its exciting as riding a bike along vietnam

or so boring riding along trafficked roads

when are we fulfilled everyday?

i guess the ants are happy because they work without tiring

only that they die easily

despite their short lives they come to build lasting shelters

they sting painfully, too

and get into just anything without harming so much

what animal or living thing do you like to be... or what animal

do you praise on this planet?

thank GOD for the living things

march 28 2009

i've written a poem for vocations

i was inspired by the song "Fall for YOU," by John Vesely

that was good for me

later, i would try to write my article for tribune

and then my essays ...

the weather is so hot today

its so difficult when its hot

my website is quite as ever

as quite as little ants


today is saturday, march 28, 2009

they're the same things im doing

and the excitement is doing a writing assignment

everytime i do this -- i feel im on top of the world

like praying

it comes so natural,

and could sometimes be painful

and as always rewarding

solemn work

i thank GOD for the people around me

even if they wreck my quite spaces

often we need to move and see the world

hiding wont do any good

except during solemn work

tonight i would attempt to write letters

and arrange puzzles, more word puzzles

it doesnt make sense sometimes

but during those flaring genius

i want to vomit a spring of words

5.27.2009.5:25pm.home from work
in this blog, is a solitude...

a sanctuary

and nothing follows

i would wait for the postscript

the calm in the pages

tells a lot of things

stories never told

blackness is the mystery

one cannot see

but the innocence of pure thoughts

i come to you in words


GODs Will

is it so easy to choose what we could be because we have freewill

yet sometimes the sky says another thing


we cannot choose

but only pray pray and pray


GODs mercy

if in this time... my heart is black

i wouldnt regret the blackness

white comes visible in black

i trade myself to know myself

in the time i could only seek

GODs mercy


rush of thoughts

today is march 27 2009

i ask forgiveness for pounding words

into the lamentations of this hour

i could think of nothing, but the rush thoughts

that urge explosion

i am sorry to my GOD

and i am sorry to those i hurt

now this moment i could do nothing but write



Let me share this poem of Pablo Neruda:
Änd that’s why I have to go back
To so many places
There to find myself
And constantly examine myself
With no witness but the moon
And then whistle with joy
Ambling over rocks and clouds of earth,
With no task but to live,
With no family but the road.”



i am trying to work on this my new blog. i cant create a new posting... let me see

march 26 2009

writing journals... trial entry