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By Isagani R. Cruz/ from Philippine Star. Thank you

Publishing your first book
MINI CRITIQUE By Isagani Cruz(The Philippine Star) Updated November 03, 2011 12:00 AMComments (1)

You have your manuscript all ready to share with the world. What do you do? You go to a publisher. (I’m speaking only of the Philippines. If you want to be published abroad, you have to go to a literary agent, but that’s another column.)
The thing to remember is that no publisher is like any other. Every publisher is unique.
For example, one publisher will take the manuscript from you and tell you to just wait for the launching. This publisher will take care of everything, from editing, designing, marketing, and selling your book. Another publisher will consult you at every stage of the process, asking you to revise certain portions of your book, giving you samples of cover designs, working with you on the program for the launching, and so on.
In publishing, size matters. A publisher with hundreds of titles might be willing to risk several thousand pesos on your b…