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March 13, 2014. Journal Notebook

March 13, 2014

Today, I'm turning nuts.  My thoughts come so fast like lightning, and I'm  lost in space like Sandra Bullock in Gravity.  Flashes of colors run in my thoughts like, you, I,  he, she, it, they, and we. Pronouns of the English language play with the reels of my imagination.  I'm thinking about what I'll do next, what will be best or what to leave out.  No one summons me.  I am free, yet freedom entails the greatest of responsibilities.  I don't want to be free. I want to be told sometimes, I want to be reminded that I need to do something and I am human.

Today, I've said a lot of good mornings online for my blogs and  I Share Community many times and maybe it's cute. I wrote the morning prayers, as I think I'd offer and come up with  little inspirations as learned from St. Therese.  It was fun writing the morning prayers for some days.  Perhaps I am called to do that or make some readers happy and give zeal.

Today, I've cooked and e…