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How To Develop A Reputation As A Credible Author

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How To Develop A Reputation As A Credible Author

By Rosalinda Flores-Martinez

Being a good writer is not just writing a paper and getting an A. It is not just being published one time, read one time, or trying a manuscript one time. "It is hard labor," that truth in Eliot I have always remembered in my Literary Criticism subject under Professor Campomanes.

As for me, aside from my daily grind of life, I have discovered my bones as a writer. My life is embedded in what I have learned from time and finding solace and inspiration in my work as tasks I could share. I find my work challenging and excruciating, too, like something you just can't leave or not do. I can leave all others, but not writing because it sustains my existence and my communication with the Divine. I don't assume anything I'd get from it, but as I find it so comforting, it brings me bliss and all inside of me, bursting like foam of clouds and fire from heaven. …

Saint Pedro Calungsod, pray for us.


Blessed Pedro Calunsod, pray for us. (Thank you / from St. Anthony Church, Paranaque City); posted by Rosevoc2


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Journal Entry /

October love comes silent as dawn
Like autumn, always waiting

Memories of burning twigs
And hot afternoons, waning moon

It goes stale and cold, like snakes and rats
For long, there had been no stars

No flowers, no hope, no zeal
Reveal your love and be home soon.

Blessed Pedro Calunsod, pray for us.
Dear God, show us your love.

Cyberspace Is For Everyone

The World Wide Web is a gift of technology to the people in the 21st century.

It deems numerous benefits for the people and the cyber community. As a means of communication, it works like the speed of light.

As made up of science it could not be the property of any government, but of those who own its tangible domains and documents, and of course, the author and his assigns (as in the basic copyright laws and the fundamental laws).

The internet is a virtual society. It is egalitarian (Wikipedia). It can serve as schools to out of school youth, a library to busy students, workers and professionals, an update and news to the global community across oceans.

It volunteers in the "I Share Community" free books, creative basic and experienced tips, free games, free movies, free knowledge, free mass celebrations, free consultation from experts and free ads; around the world! Everyone can easily afford and get access online saving time, money and effort in just one click.

Yes, the …

My Entry On Facebook /Re: Cyber Martial Law

They are watchful of the netizens because we do not cling to power. They make the laws like playing hangman; some of them without experiences, authentic academic resumes, and work expertise... they don't want advocates because theirs propositions are vague, probably hacked, or unreasonable for the good public and majority. Vague laws will tend to deceive people - its pros and cons couldn't be understood by ordinary people like us. We don't even even have the money to bail ourselves out --- so they'd do all they can to cut out tongues and suppress our hearts and thoughts - which in literature and or art - could be an opinion or thought for better thinkers; in journalism the exposition of real facts - if they are real in their cause - why are they playing up on the peoples' right to freedom? Why would they want to monopolize? Freedom of expression is not the job of a popular few like those in power; in fact it is our job; and everyone's gift to communicate. We ar…


In October: Black

Cyber Martial Law is like jailing everyone; that it seems so stupid and irrelevant - how could it bring all  netizens to jail?  How could a law be just if it deprives human rights and freedom of the press ; cyber expression?

Just laws are those laws that will benefit the majority and not only those in power.  Just laws also answer even that of moral duties.  Freedom is for everyone.  Laws should be aimed at progress, not barriers.

May God help us in our work and what will be good for all.  Rosevoc2.10032012.