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The Proverbs. On Moral Lessons and Story Summaries

Many stories tell about kindness, love for work, and the perils of being lazy. In different parts of the world, children grow up learning these stories from grandparents, relatives, helpers, and of course, the school and church. Children get very excited every time they hear these stories. From these stories, they extract life's lessons quite easily. Good manners and right conduct are the writer's evident highlights in literature, especially those that children read. Stories must be positively interpreted. Ponder upon these Proverbs and take a folktale, fable or parable as examples. Chapter 6.10-11 Let me sleep a little longer!
Sure, just a little more!
And as you sleep, poverty creeps upon you like a robber and destroys you; want attacks you in full armor. Folktale: The Lazy Boy Juan Once, Juan was asked by his mother to buy some crabs. Because he was so lazy and stupid, he told the crabs "I feel so sleepy. I'd rather sleep here under the tree. All of you crabs just w…