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On March 11, 2012. Nothing But You

Dear God, We Hold Nothing But You

Monday, March 14,2011

Lord, we hold nothing, but You.

In all the burdens that press us down

We hold nothing, but You.

In all the agony of our hearts

We hold nothing, but You.

When we’re crushed down to the ground

We hold nothing, but You.

Because we are imperfect

Because we are filled with pride

Because we are short with love

Because we doubt you

Because we divide,

When we’re blinded with insecurities

And selfishness

Let us grip on you tightly for renewal.

Let your hand brush the curse

Nature has laid upon us

Let your tongue speak the words of power

From heaven

Let Your heart be our hearts

Filled deeply with love and peace.

We hold nothing, but You.

We are crushed because of each other

We doubt because we are weak

Let us love each other, show mercy

And kindness to each other

So we could build the earth, again.

We pray for minds filled with wisdom

With wills strong in obedience to you

With hands full of mercy

With eyes, the beauty of your face.

Be wi…