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Pourquoi utiliser des pronoms? Pourquoi utilisez-vous pour les noms de substitution?
Voici un échantillon:
Orange est ma couleur préférée. Orange est la couleur du crépuscule. Orange est un mélange de rouge et jaune.
1B. En substituant à «ça».
Orange est ma couleur préférée. C'est la couleur du crépuscule. Il s'agit d'un mélange de rouge et jaune.
Saint Joseph est le père nourricier de Jésus. Saint Joseph est l'époux de Marie. Saint Joseph est notre père, aussi.
2B. En substituant à «il».
Saint Joseph est le père nourricier de Jésus. Il est l'époux de Marie. Il est notre père, lui aussi.
Pronoms sont nom (personnes, lieux, objets, etc) substituts. Ils substituer des noms et des pronoms autres. Utilisation des pronoms évite la répétition monotone quand vous parlez ou écrivez.
1. pronoms sont des substituts nominaux
Astuce: Si vous voulez être sûr de choisir le pronom correct, mémoriser les trois cas du pronom et les pronoms qui s'insèrent dans chaque cas…

On July 26, 2013. Ishallwrite

Today,  it is God's grace for me to write again.

After June of this year - I stopped writing and resumed from time to time for a few moments to make my blog move and alive  by posting my old articles, stories and poems or blog entries.  I reblogged, too, and used some old and new pictures  stored in the PC.

Seriously,  I am not happy with this process because what makes me happy is writing new entries.

Seriously, I want to take my heart out again and show it to you, beating the world, God's creation and love if I can still love, again.

I am getting older, but love has no limits.  It is free for all.

Yes, I offer you this heart.  I want you to ignite it the way you did before.

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Writing Good Descriptions

Basically, you use the adjectives. You describe people, places, and events. You describe something - a ring, its shape, its color or carat. You have to be keen and deep of thought. The purpose of your descriptive details, however, should be to create a dominant mood or point for your readers. Such descriptions should contribute to the overall purpose of the essay or story. Avoid clichés. Avoid details that are irrelevant. Take note of Walden Pond. How did Thoreau let us feel the meaning of solitude? This is a delicious evening, when the whole body is one sense and imbibes delight through every pore. What about Trees by Joyce Kilmer? A tree that looks at God all day and lifts her leafy arms to pray... And Machleish's Ars Poetica, a poem should be palpable and mute as a globed fruit. Use your five senses. Use the different literary devices. However, be careful as to what to include and what to leave out. Remember the "Show Don't Tell," concept. Look at following lines…

Book Review: Influencer

Book Authors: Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, David Maxfield, Ron Mcmillan, Al Switzler "Influencer" is the idea to change anything. It tells about moving people, inspiring them, and succeeding. It has two parts divided into ten topics. Part I shows the power to change anything and Part II gives the six sources of influence 1) Make the undesirable desirable 2) Harness peer pressure 3) Design rewards and demand accountability 4) Surpass your limits 5) Find strength in numbers 6) Change the environment. Authors through careful research and study combine their knowledge with experts sharing principles and strategies to help expand a sphere of influence and change lives for good. Hopkins, Silbert, and Sabido with other scholars like Albert Bandura present case studies. True-to-life incidents are shown as patterns for vital positive behaviors. Texts used are easy to understand with a spontaneous flow of vivid explanation and concrete case studies supporting details in every chap…

The Meaning of Love in Friendship

We say, "Best friends forever!" We share friendship bands. We tug at each others clothes. We create beautiful things together; yes we share one love and real friendship. Real friends never let go, even if they fight. They are like kids who punch and hug. They are like sisters who comb each others hair after sticking gum on it. They are like brothers who kick each other's ass and later on give a helping hand. They are friends, who after a fight make up, forgive, and accept each other again. Real friends don't give up on each other. Their friendship never ends. It thrives good fruits around the fence, near and even faraway. Check these thoughts on love in friendship: Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other's gold. (an old song)
Let there be no malice.
Speak the truth to your friend.
Feel that which your friend cannot speak.
Accept and understand each other.
Don't forget to admonish, for then in mistake, both will learn and get corrected.
Be g…

On July 4, 2013. Untitled

Sometimes when you just don't know what to write about, it sucks...

Your thoughts flow gushing like the falls, but no word comes

Nothing on a sheet, as you want to capture every blow of your brain

What would I write?  Maybe a novel soon -- more poems, more prayers, more essays or stories?

Publish ebooks or blog?  Make my lessons?  What?

Maybe about you -- thoughts of you ...


Make my clocks tick

But you are faraway

And my mouth is dry

And my heart turns into clay.

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Happy Tuesday! Smile!