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Pablo Neruda - Here I love You (Poetry Reading) (+playlist)

More Writing Modes

Writing is an essential skill that everyone must learn, like Math, like Science. The basics of writing is, of course, learning a language and knowing how to read. Writing improves through knowing Basic English Grammar rules, a wide range of vocabulary, and constant reading and practice. But then, just write and do the editing later. Expressing yourself is writing freely, first. Learn new words, make phrases, then sentences, then paragraphs. Soon you'll be surprised, you've written something meaningful! Check this: 1.The Summary
When you make a summary, do not forget the important details. Usually, when you do this, you retain the structure and point of view of the original. You can reflect from the words as you find them, but use your own words, and not those of the original author (except when quoting necessarily). Set yourself a word limit (500 words, 250 words, or 100). A summary is also called a condensation, or the precis. 2.The Paraphrase
A paraphrase is interpreting some…