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My Entry On Facebook /Re: Cyber Martial Law

They are watchful of the netizens because we do not cling to power. They make the laws like playing hangman; some of them without experiences, authentic academic resumes, and work expertise... they don't want advocates because theirs propositions are vague, probably hacked, or unreasonable for the good public and majority. Vague laws will tend to deceive people - its pros and cons couldn't be understood by ordinary people like us. We don't even even have the money to bail ourselves out --- so they'd do all they can to cut out tongues and suppress our hearts and thoughts - which in literature and or art - could be an opinion or thought for better thinkers; in journalism the exposition of real facts - if they are real in their cause - why are they playing up on the peoples' right to freedom? Why would they want to monopolize? Freedom of expression is not the job of a popular few like those in power; in fact it is our job; and everyone's gift to communicate. We ar…