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Rolando Mendoza: The Theory of the Hunt

August 24, 2010

Rolando Mendoza: The Theory of the Hunt

“Unfortunately, we do love each other, but we do get into trouble.” R. Ardrey

“The evidence shows he had discontinuous fire and he was in caves. And when you start living side by side in the small area of one cave with a lot of different families then your jealousies are going to start and your hostilities between each other are going to start….

As I can see, he did not have the leisure, I repeat, he did not have the leisure in which to develop hostilities to his fellow man. Too much of his time was taken up with other business.” L. Leakey

August 2010 is a day of mourning for the Philippines.

Philippines “not” Filipinos, because the “Philippines” (symbolizes) is composed of various nationalities from many parts of the world. Today, the Philippines just like any country is part of a cross-culture and ancestry of diverse blood bonds: Filipinos, Chinese, Spanish, other Asians, Europeans, Americans, or Jews etc. among others.


1. The death of Chinese Nationals in a bus siege.
2. The hostage taker is Rolando Mendoza, an ousted Filipino police officer.
3. Rolando Mendoza is an officer with rank and commendations.
4. The hostage drama lasted for hours.
5. There was no immediate messenger/negotiator.
6. The relative of the hostage-taker was mobbed.
7. Some media officers and the crowd were not given restrictions.
8. Negotiators lacked training, weapon, and proper coordination.

News Update /Blogs:

President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino declares August 25 as the National Day of Mourning, following Monday's bloody hostage drama that killed Chinese tourists in Manila. Aquino signed an order requiring public institutions in the country and embassies around the world to lower Philippine flags to half-mast (internet post).

Honasan said the committee will tackle the issue on Thursday together with the alarming incidents of police torture in the country.
He said they would ask the Philippine National Police (PNP) for a progress report and then “match it" with what was reported in the media.
“Prematurely passing judgment on the handling of the negotiations and the subsequent tactical operations is not in order pending an initial report from the concerned agencies," Honasan said.
Also killed in Monday’s bloodbath was the hostage-taker, Rolando Mendoza, a dismissed policeman who was demanding, among others, his reinstatement into the police force. He was facing charges of misconduct before the Office of the Ombudsman for his alleged involvement in an extortion and illegal arrest case (GMA News TV, August 25.)
Call to Action from lawmakers, government and concerned citizens; public opinions/posts:
Pia Cayetano said the incident should prompt the Ombudsman to “be mindful" of its duty to act with dispatch on cases pending before it. “The delay triggered Mendoza’s frustrations," she noted.
She likewise called on the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) to review its grievance mechanism for police personnel.
G. Honasan said the 11-hour hostage-taking incident could have been handled much better, but stopped short at putting all the blame to the police force. “We will have to train, train harder and prepare better continuously for an eventuality we pray will never happen again."
The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) has formed a task force to look into the hostage crisis at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila that resulted in the death of Chinese nationals.
DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo said the joint DILG-Department of Justice task force will determine the series of events during the incident and those who would be held accountable for the bloody outcome.
"The team shall look into all angles of the case — if there was a strategic and coordinated operations plan, if the rules of engagement were followed, if the areas was properly cordoned off from bystanders and the media — and then make proper recommendations to the President," Robredo added.
"Evidently, the police lack the proper equipment and the appropriate skills and training to handle these kinds of situations."
He also said he would check the alleged improper mishandling and arrest of former police Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza’s brother — Senior Police Officer 2 Gregorio Mendoza — amid the negotiation.
"It could have agitated the hostage-taker," Robredo pointed out.
Robredo said he would order a review of media protocols and schedule a meeting with broadcast leaders to discuss and agree on certain policies during delicate situations such as a hostage crisis (By Dennis Carcamo, Philstar News Service).
“Aquino already met with Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Liu Jianchao and assured the Chinese government that the country will extend all assistance to victims and to all relatives of the victims,” said Lacierda.
Aquino has ordered an investigation into the case of Rolando Mendoza who was dismissed from the Philippine National Police to know whether his claims were valid. (Yahoo Online News)
“We demand that the Philippine authorities conduct a detailed and comprehensive investigation on the incident. They must provide a full account to us as soon as possible,” Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang said.


I. Avoid putting life at stake.

Life was at stake in the hostage spot. Avoid putting life at stake. The government should be able to protect the life of its foreigners, just like its citizens. More than anything, what matters is life. Man has one life to live; it commands respect, acceptance and charity. In the process of evolution there is mixing of people from different backgrounds until they realize that they are all and one the same.

It is not only Hong Kong who lost lives, but Filipinos, too – lost their Chinese brothers and sisters. It is everyone’s loss. It was an accident, and the same could be prevented in the future.

At most, Rolando Mendoza couldn’t be considered a real murderer because he was a man who worked, but was not given a chance to air his side. He was a poor police Filipino officer who worked hard, was given awards, but in the end lost his job (without pension) due to an unresolved case. Where would he get his share of his basic needs without a job, after toiling for long years of service in his community? What do you think and whereto his merits?

He went amuck.

Next to families, workplaces become the support group of individuals. A psychiatrist once said: “If someone says he would commit suicide, deem it serious.” Mendoza could be OUT of his mind, and could have been given helped by people around him in the tragic times of his career. Was it foul play or betrayal from others? Or whether or not his claims were valid, an outrage like a coup d’etat means grievance and is supposed to meet on issues. Hostility can never solve problems, unless man is ready for a war.

When the stomach is empty, there is no other way. There is nothing to hunt. No job, and so much leisure of not surviving.


The sacrificial lambs are families/any group member: father, mother, children, workers, leader, community, friends. There shouldn’t be any tags as to nationalities nor racial discrimination. Many Filipinos have Chinese origins and vice versa (I have part Chinese blood). No one owns the world, only that people live in different habitations.

What recently happened couldn’t be blamed in the present groups/government. It is a result of several transitions. As it occurred today, it has to be given immediate action to prevent simple problems turned into national problems; national problems turned into global rifts.

K. Popper on violence: “… we can learn by listening to concrete claims, by patiently trying to assess them as impartially as we can., and by considering ways of meeting them without creating worse evil.”

“You can’t really kill people if you have a real feeling that they also have faith and are meaningful in this life or the world,” quotes Sir Leakey.

One purpose of life is to put man in touch with his fellow man. Life’s done with hunting, the earth is older. Evolution should utilize improvements and life must go on healthy in body, mind, and spirit.

St. Lorenzo Ruiz, pray for us.

Mother Mary, we pray for healing of nations.

Rose Flores - Martinez
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You were the dream I had last night
All - about you. When you held me

In the arms of eternity
When you kissed me in the brink of

Death. When you breathed in me. I
Knew I was the first you ever loved

I felt how you ached when words were
Mute. And you couldn’t shout your moan

And you couldn’t touch that dainty
Pink lace of time


Deserve my love
Every beat of my heart will kiss

For you. Every song I sing will
Shout for you - how much, how much

I love

Rainbows flow and waterfalls
Gush on me. The clouds, the wind

A stage where I dance as day
And night I weave moon and stars

Then you, put a crown on my head,
The gleaming jewel of sunrays

I feel your eyes burst me. Your heart
Raise my brokenness. I die,

For you
I live
For you

No other man would dare take me
Except you. In all my agonies

Drenched in every sorrow of the world
I have loved you

How my spine shivered, how my
Breath whispered your love. Till fragrant

Flowers bloom, Sahara flows
Fountain, and dawn herald

All heaven’s rupture of twinkle
Little fogs, stars, and mint snowflakes

Your hands, your eyes, your mouth
Your hope, your will are all I have

There are no other chances that
I live,
And, if not
With you,

My life for you,
Alone with

Rose Flores

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August 19, 2010



Have You Ever Thought How Garbage Boys Survive?

The garbage truck was in front of the cab I was on a few days ago.

The traffic gave me a picture of how garbage collectors work on their assigned task to serve us.

I thought they were on to penance because the work they do is literally “dirty.”

Of course, as compared to the hospital/medical staff who treat infections and diseases; dirt and stinking barrels of dirt are loathsome.

What do you think, how do their kids hug them? Have you ever worried for them? They have to be given protection against all the dirt of the world. These good workers deserve to be thanked for

In other countries, garbage collectors are paid well. How about in the Philippines…. (private or government garbage employees) how are they treated?

In my case, I think dirt ---- attracts diseases like stomach disorders, allergy, and lung problems, among others. Take for example the killer flu virus, and those objects that are habitat of germs (fomites)?

Doctors recommend washing thoroughly with soap and water.


I have thought about Elmer Rice play “The Adding Machine.” An alienation exemplified by Zero who worked as bookkeeper in a department store. His work has dried up his humanity making him incapable of love, friendships and other emotions.


What is a thought?

Thinking signifies everything that you say is “in our heads” or that “goes through our minds.”

It is a matter not directly perceived and could always change. Oftentimes you would say, “I just thought of it.”

Thoughts can be important as the award in kindergarten like the “Most Thoughtful Student.” And sometimes, not important as “Never mind, it doesn’t matter.” How the brain works is a gift and a tool of making thoughts/ideas concrete. Thinking is powerful when you work at it (small miracles), and can be destructive with malice like the curse of a witch. Good thoughts are necessary for success but tragic as a downfall of a wicked endeavor (karma). The earth will ask payment with interest pulling every pound of wickedness, including sacrificial lambs.

Positive, clean, and helpful thoughts will triumph in the end; in the promise of God.

Good thoughts and wishes are considered to be an offering to God, and can be acts of prayer transforming all wrath to peace and love. Nothing and no one can contest God.

I usually ponder on this from the Holy Bible, and get power from God’s promises in the hope that Jesus Christ is always near.

“Give me a clean heart O God.”

“God’s thoughts are as high as the heaven, and man or any other creature cannot know about it. But all things work out together for good for those who love God and obey His commandments.”

“I am thinking of you.

I am thinking of God.

What comes to me now is the work I do.

My wish is to create something beautiful.

My words are my presents for you.” RoseVoc2


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Free Ebook on my new blog titled "Write Me."

Yes, you can email me at You can share your manuscript with me and we will publish and/or just write me.

Thank you.

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Check this out: Myrick Hilario on You Tube

If you want to LAUGH, check this video

He can be a good comedian

Or maybe, a singer if he's packaged by a manager

Or I can teach pronunciation lessons...Myrick you can email me if you find this blog.

Let us just pray for those people who say foul words to other people; and let us pray, too that others will find their success

May GOD help us all

Myrick... Bravo for you!

Smile smile smile

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Blogging Forever?

Blogging Forever?

Thank GOD, I survived the 100-Article Challenge of Ezine Articles. Com.

From here, I thought… what would be the next?

Now, I am trying to test if I could be a professional blogger? I mean, work and at least earn in this aspect of writing. I will do that and see the possibilities…

I know it won’t be easy, nothing came easy in serious work. But then, work becomes light and happy if you love what you’re doing, like blogging forever? Watch out!

1. I have read about the cookware in Maureen Sander Blog, and surely cookwares must last a long time and could be passed to your children and your children’s children. The price is right because the guarantee of it is durability and safety.

There are different name brands for cookwares : affordable and expensive, something to fit your budget or splurge on something useful.

We have got “Soligens,” and a lot more…some are imported from different countries like India, US, and Japan. They’re good to cook for your kids meal; breakfast, lunch, dinner.


I also came into seeing the monsters in “” They’re called “moshi monsters.” Moshi monsters is a new free game online for girls and boys where you can create your own virtual pet and care for it with your friends.

Before, my kids loved these pets and they fed the pet monsters.

There was also that twinkle brass and cool copper cleaning kit. I love cleaning, mothers love cleaning “easily.”

I also ran across Coco Blog and My Global

In Susanne Dukes, I felt like shopping. Yes, a Worldwideweb mall to access new products like bead curtains and beach play sets, among others.

Roseannebevil.Easyworldwide mall is a showcase, you don’t need to tire yourself just to shop. You can do it online.

Foreign students love to shop online. Most of them are professionals with busy schedules, so shopping online helps in saving time travel time.

Jewelry, and even sophisticated pendants are available like the “Scalar pendant.”

Of course, shop at best Amazon associates and get discounts.

Let us see if we’re doing it right. I’ll finally come to it! Read the texts and enjoy!

Opps.. what do you think my future in blogging would be? Would I get rich, or so bored, or always updated or descending? Ezine taught me how to make it quickly…it’s worth it: the time and effort building a good community, after all.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Rose Flores Martinez 2010

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Distance Learning Tips: How to Succeed in Online Learning

Distance Learning Tips: How To Succeed in Online Learning

Learning is successful if there is hard work. In whatever endeavor, we have to get focused in our goals. Yes, whatever happens!

You will measure success if you have achieved all you should have accomplished at given dates and time like for example: finishing a project. Learning is also working; it is another aspect of how you use time wisely, how you profit in your goals (material and nonmaterial), and how you manage to do life goals with everyone and your community. Know that learning works best if it’s not just for you, but your responsibility that others must share in the benefits. It is like one nation working for peace, one student pushing for graduation, parents sending kids to school, and one leader laying food for his country, among others.

Distance learning is favored, and such a precious gift of technology. It easily links work and urgent schedules in whatever place like the internet.

Of course, success must be sought in this field, as well. It is not a joke to risk time, effort, and money learning online – it is equal to going to a school, only that modern technology makes it more convenient and more adaptive in today’s culture.

Most in the online community are people who work independently, and with a bulk of work. They are the people trying to pioneer and sample a new generation of trust and positive working habits. I say, they are result oriented because learning online goes hand in hand with other valued work.


1. Set exact time and place, a small work/study place of your own.
2. Don’t be late for meetings.
3. Work/submit assignments, homework, and /or practice sets.
4. Give updates to your online community, classes, and work associates.
5. Send the necessary communication /email as required (ahead of time). Inform of absences, change of schedules, considering other factors.
6. Inform/ and assure your community a feedback, if there were problems you weren’t able to relay in advance.
7. Follow a syllabus and or make plans (work plans, lesson plans, study plans).
8. Know how to write emails (personal, professional, other mails)
9. Deliver a finish project or result such as presentations online, as required.
10. Measure the quality of your learning endeavor: is there progress? Can you update yourself with online news and adapt with the global community?
11. Evaluate your values, with your online learning goals. You have to trust and work diligently with your community. What does the online community /culture made of you: an asset or a liability?

12.. Practice and learn piously, and full of enthusiasm. Update with materials from various sources.

Warning: Learning online is not suitable for lazy people. Learning online is for people who should endeavor grand results, the fruits of modern technology(world wide web), and sharing in the global culture of leaders and workers all in one medium: life.

Thank God!

Happy learning and smile everyday!

Rose Flores - Martinez

The Gift of Wisdom in Charity

The Gift of Wisdom in Charity

Wise sayings are around us. We have to find and learn it everyday. As the religious, the philosophers, scholars, and workplaces learn them, so we have to be aware and practice what we are taught:

1. “It is an honor to receive a frank reply.” (Proverbs 24:26)

If you get a frank reply, be thankful. It might tell you of the truth. Sometimes, negative comments hurt, but then – it sharpens the edges of your will and give you enough courage.

2. “Listen to this wise advise; follow it closely, for it will do you good, and you can pass it on to others: Trust in the Lord.” (Proverbs 22:17-19)

“Trust in the Lord.” This advice comes strong in any situation. However some people make this sound only to be as a recorded, “Play again.”

You have to live the word and trust God your life. Be a good example to say this. When you utter the words; they will seep into the being of others and they will understand what you mean.

3. Your soul is nourished when you are kind; it is destroyed when you are cruel.

(Proverbs 11:17)

When you are kind, the joy in your heart overflows. Goodness radiates around and your soul is nourish as you give more kindness. You will never run out of kindness to give.

If you are cruel, your physical beauty turns out to be as dark as your heart. And your beauty becomes impure.

One who is kind can be one of the most beautiful creations of God. You become light to the earth.

4. “For there are six things the Lord hates – no, seven:

Haughtiness - arrogance
Lying – cheating in small and big ways
Murdering – to kill willingly
Plotting evil – to think and make bad intentions of others
Eagerness to do wrong – no love and consideration for others
A false witness – never loyal to a true covenant
Sowing discord among brothers.” - dividing people instead of letting people love, work and respect each other genuinely (Proverbs:16-19)

5. “Have two goals: wisdom – that is, knowing and doing right, and common sense.” (Proverbs 3: 21)

Intelligence is important, but wisdom is knowing how to use intelligence in favor of all; and common sense is making something practical and benefiting for everyone without imposing procrastination.

To be considerate of others is a form of wisdom.

To use science and medicine rightfully is wisdom.

To implement the basic rules fitting a community, and working on their immediate needs is common sense.

If you open something, close it after use, is common sense.

Wisdom and common sense can be learned in praying earnestly for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is manifested around, in your heart, to others who act like angels.

Wisdom comes when you are full of love in your heart.

Rose Flores

How Much Do You Believe in the Proverbs?

How Much Do You Believe In The Proverbs?

Proverbs are wise sayings of people from different ages, showing facts of life and real experiences focusing on truth and righteousness.

Here are proverbs of the Old Testament book from the Holy Bible. These were written by wise men of Israel and King Solomon, David’s son.

1. “How does a man become wise? The first step is to trust and reverence the Lord.”

You cannot be wise if you depend in your own knowledge and in the power of man. No wisdom is greater than that of God. If you reverence and believe in a Creator, then you can become wise.

2. “Hatred stirs old quarrels, but love overlooks insults.” (Proverbs 10:12)

If you have hate in your heart, it keeps on remembering old mistakes and petty quarrels. As adults, fighting must fade. A good conversation will fix things anew. If your hear is full of love, you will forget how you were cheated but forgive and reconcile.

3. “Teach a child to choose the right path, and when he is older he will remain upon it.” (Proverbs 22:6)

Parents, guardians, and responsible adults have to teach the children tenderly to go the right path. You will admonish that which is wrong soon, so the mistake would be known.

If the child develops this good habit of knowing the truth and what is right; the child will reverence the Lord and love Him as he grows along with life.

4. “Hard work brings prosperity; playing around brings poverty.” ( Proverbs 28:19)

The Lord delights if you work hard in your goals and is never idle. Dependence should stop in maturity and change into responsibility.

There’s a Philippine folktale about a lazy boy named “Juan.” Juan always slept under a tree and waited for its fruits to fall. He even disobeyed the bidding of his mother to buy crabs, and let the crabs walk alone going home. He denied responsibilities and was too lazy to fulfill tasks.

People are given talents to work, share, and serve each other. You have to be responsible of your work to fulfill a purpose in life. If you plant something, you will reap something.

Watch out for the thief in the night!

5. “A mirror reflects a man’s face, but what is really like is shown by the kind of friend he chooses.” (Proverbs 27:19)

Our parents and teachers usually tell us “Choose your friends.”


“…Because your friends are the mirrors of you.” They influence you and most likely, you do things together.

No, it doesn’t criticize like the Pharisees, only it takes necessary precautions how to make life a straight path. However, your prayers and goodness must be for all, friend or enemies.

Rosalinda Flores Martinez

Lets Go Back: Theories of the Origin of Speech

A Review : Theories of the Origin of Speech

Man differ from animals because of extraordinary development of the brain and the power of articulate language. Truly as civilizations progress, man continues to study and explore the world.

Since the beginning of time, language has become essential in the progress and evolution of time. From the caves and tribes; sign and symbols were evident in gestures, communication and various art forms in the way man lives.

Check this out:

1. The bow-wow theory Speech that is imitative of natural sounds, such as the barking of dogs and other animals, etc.

2. The pooh-pooh theory Speech is derived form instinctive ejaculations evoked by pain, joy or other intense feelings or sensations. The earliest linguistic form were interjections and exclamations.

3. The ding-dong theory This theory is a mystic harmony between sound and sense, that to every impression within there is an appropriate expression without –“everything which is struck rings. Each substance has its peculiar ring.” (For example: the bell)

4. The ye-he-ho theory Words came into being as a result of the expressions following upon strong muscular effort. It would relieve the body to let the breath come out strongly and repeatedly, to “heave” and “to haul.” This theory was put forward by a 19th century scholar Noire.

5. The gestural theory Speech that came into being when men began to imitate with their tongues and gestures they made with their bodies. Sir Richard Paget quotes a passage from Darwin’s book, “The Expression of Emotions.”

Language was thus produced, by the tongue, lips, and jaw mimicking movements is a gesture meaning “eat,” others call such gestures “the pantomime.”

6. The tarara-boom- de-ay theory Speech that originated in the half- musical expressions of early man when his principal vocal exercise was a meaningless humming and singing.

Example: “Hooray! Let us give thanks.” This theory has been suggested by Professor Otto Jespersen.

This also highlights the romantic picture of love and hyms.

7. The tally-ho theory This theory came into being as a result of the necessities of communication arising during the hunt; believing that the earliest speech was an imperative language consisting only of commands like a baby crying, or an animal begging, etc.

Henry James quotes “All life comes back to the question of our speech – the medium through which we communicate.”

The signs and symbols of a language in the everyday affairs of peoples transmit an orderly and convenient system of communication showing progress of cultures for all time.

Rose Flores Martinez

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Why We Miss People

Why We Miss People

“I miss you, I miss you a lot.”

We often say these words to people around us. This proves that man is a social being.

Why do we miss our family, relatives, close friends, co-workers, constituents, communities…we almost miss everyone and everything! Again, the saying “No man is an island.”

We need to love, and we need to share triumphs and trials with each other. That is why we’re always missing.

Time today in fleeting seconds will fly, and there will be another time tomorrow. Where we are and with who we are weave beautiful memories of life. We have pictures, documents, and souvenirs because we cannot hold the joy we’re feeling with someone forever; we cannot forget how someone shared with us happy and difficult times. How together people ate, worked, and played are great points in life.

What do we do when we miss people? Here are 20 answers.

“I call them.”

“I send text messages to them.”

“I chat with them.”

“I buy them gifts or tokens.”

“I plan to go out with them soon, and spend the day together.”

“I invite them to my house for dinner.”

“I connect with their friends and families.”

“I write them, and mail a postcard.”

“I write a love letter.”

“I send an email.”

“I buy them a book or some chocolates.”

“I tell them I don’t miss them.”

“I tell them I miss them so much.”

“ I say, they are so beautiful.”

“ I pray for them.”

“I go to church.”

“I write articles and stories.”

“I listen to music and sob.”

“I go to another close friend or relative.”

“I do some small good deed.”

So how was it? What can you say? Do you agree with the answers. Add up, we just can’t stop missing people.

Take this prayer to Saint Jude (from a prayer book)

Dear Saint Jude, kinsman of Christ, we pray for those whom
God has given us to hold in special affection.
We recommend to you all who are dear to us,
all our close relatives and friends. Please intercede for their
physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Help us to lighten their burden and to brighten their days.
Look tenderly upon us and assist us to fulfill the Lord’s
precept of loving others as ourselves.

Pray for me, if you miss me. Pray for others if you miss them. Pray for everyone because we all miss days together: the happy and sad days of learning everyday that help us become better persons.

I miss you.

Rose Flores – Martinez

The Carpenter

Inspiration to Life: The Carpenter

When I go to church some mornings, I always saw Mario. I’m going out of the gate, he is coming in the compound. His looks was light despite of his work as a tough carpenter. He carried a blue backpack and wore a red cotton-t shirt. And then he would change from the red cottong shirt to a loose old green jacket. That was what he wore most of the times.

He worked whistling a happy tune. Every time I turned on our player, he switched places and brought all his tools under the mango tree in front of my small house. There he could listen to the beat of my speakers. He would nod his head and quickly went on cutting and hammering the furniture he was asked to finish.

I couldn't see his work piece by piece but as soon as he carried the finished product and brought it inside my neighbors house – it looked so elegantly crafted. Mario didn’t mind his pay. I heard from Bianca he wasn’t paid much only a little. He ate lunch with his bare hands under the mango tree and then he would say to everyone who passed by him “Let's eat!”

When he saw one of our puppies, he asked me if I could spare him one puppy. I gave him the brown one. His eyes radiated like the bright sun when in his soft voice he spoke, “My children would love the puppy.”

One rainy morning he still reported for work when hi co-workers didn’t. Then just the same during his snack time, he offered helper Bianca the sandwich he was eating.

“Come have some biscuits."

“Why did you report today/ Didn’t you know there’s a storm coming?”

“Oh I know, but its ordinary rain for me. The storm would be hitting in the night, so I could still do some work now.”

“Wow you are loyal,” Bianca teased him.

“Of course, I need to work harder. You know I have children to send to schools and a wife to feed and buy clothes. Mario laughed. “I’m afraid of my wife,” he laughed again. “Anyway, I’m happy with my work.”

I could hear their joyful conversation.

Their gestures of valuing their small---- work inspired my panting and complaining around the comfort of the bigger thing I go.’

That was the last time I heard Marios’ voice.

The next morning Bianca came in with the dishes and told Mario died. I thought Bianca was joking, though she couldn’t fake her smile.

On the night the storm hit, Mario's home of scrap woods. The ceiling flew and the walls floated. He soaked himself on himself on the flood and carried his children one by one to a higher ground to make them tempororarily safe. That night he rowed his body on the muddy flood to save his poor family, and the puppy, too.

Where I live Mario reminded me, God was just around. He was a carpenter.

Rose Flores Martinez
July 31, 2010

The Progress of Civilizations

The Progress of Civilizations

Culture has aided man toward the development and progress of a generation.

Man not only develops behavioral traits but also physical ones. As an example among others, the hunting way of life made man develop the erect posture, and this necessitated the development of large buttocks.

What man is socially, comes up to be brought by the time where he/she lives.

Check out the consequence of tool making and tool usage when the hand has become a magnificent precision instrument.

How man adapts himself at a given time and in over all time is culture. How time weaves life from the beginning to the present, and how the inhabitants progress through education or training result to fascinating developments.

Scientists have been able to reveal that the average person in any human society is able to learn just as much as the average person in any other society.

Today’s culture brings the advanced methods of sciences like inventing modern medicines compared to yesterday’s leaves and saps. But then, today, even leaves and saps become great sources of new inventions.

Studies are thoroughly used in the new technology of today’s communication using cellphones, the internet, highly powered nuclear discoveries, new breeds of animals and plants, and even cell innovations like cell transfers , and more.

Fashion gives rise to new forms of clothing in the changing sun and moons and earth temperatures.

Man and food go hand in hand. Without food he/she cannot survive. Food is a basic need, therefore people don’t stop working – as compared to primitive hunters.

Human population is tending to come together physically and culture is one essential factor to the rise and fall of a group of peoples. The development by mind and body through education and proper training will produce man of refinement and respect. Culture if handled properly by leaders and constituents would make everyone a good worker of his time and of his tribe.

The man who competes for himself is a selfish man and would cause destruction, but a man who competes and works for everyone is the man who would advance culture to an esteemed place now and in the succeeding generations.

It is an immediate task to enable the people of all nations to come together spiritually and culturally. As the body has many parts, all the body parts must seek to aim growth like the metamorphosis of the butterfly or the transfiguration of holy workers into men of work, peace, and unity.

Rose Flores - Martinez

The Evolutionary Factors: Why People Are Different

The Evolutionary Factors: Why People Are Different

Authorities say that man comes from common ancestral stock. Diversifications result from repeated and unrepeated changes and processes in the development of the ethic group for essential unity without uniformity.

Creation from the Bible documents from the chapters of Genesis showing us how tribes and groups have developed into bigger territories and nations.

All men belong to the same genus “Homo” and the same species “sapiens.”

From the book, “Man His First Two Million Years,” by Ashley Montagu, “Natural selection, mutation, and isolations are factors, among others, that explain how man differ from each other.”

Charles Darwin says, “As many more individuals of each species are born than can possibly survive; and as, consequently, there is a frequently recurring struggle for existences, it follows that any being, if it vary however slightly in any manner profitable to itself, under the complex and sometimes varying conditions of life, will have a better chance of surviving, and thus be naturally selected.”

Today, natural selection is as adaptive fitness.

Different environments call for different adaptive traits, and the different traits which human beings exhibit are due principally to the fact that man has had to adapt himself to whatever environments he found himself in.

As to mutation, it is any transmissible change in the structure of a hereditary particle or gene, the giant nucleic molecule whose bio-chemical components constitute the biological bases of heredity. Mutations are the raw materials of the evolutionary process.

It is believed that at least one mutations occurs in every human being sometime between conception and death.

For example: Sometimes kinky hair appears in a white family as mutation.

Mutations having adaptive value would rapidly become established in the small populations which were characteristic of early man.

Isolation means separation in any form.

The earth is a large place and upon its surface men have lived in small groups, until this time and are isolated from one another for long periods of time. The isolation is brought about by natural factors such as distance, mountain ranges, rivers, forests, and seas.

This fact makes isolation a factor inseparable from the phenomenon of genetic drift.

How about the pristine forests, and the people around who live there. Such factors will greatly affect how mothers raise their offspring, like the food she feeds them; and how in their adaptive natural selection mutations come, away from the pollution of big factories and industrial wastes.

Rose Flores – Martinez

Reading Death

Reading Death


Coping up and accepting death is being objective with death. Life as it is born, dies. In between, many writers find for some reasons and ways how to make death acceptable for humans. Coping and expressing emotions and thoughts in terms of art and rituals serve death, forming pictures of life here and beyond.

Death shows how time links the past and present civilizations, how man rise and preserve species, and how history lived. The answers are vast as the universe began in Genesis and how it will end in the Revelation.

We are people with so many questions showing power and great faculties transcending life, but still science gets its limits in death. No mutation, or invention, or technology can create another human and give its dignity in death, except the Supreme Being called God.

Poets and writers share wisdom about this topic.

Emily Dickinson wrote “Because I Could Not Stop For Death.”

James Joyce wrote “The Dead.”

Federico Lorca Garcia wrote “Lament for the Death of a Bullfighter.”

Among others, the poems of Sylvia Plath come to be face to face with death. W. H. Auden poems also give us sad death poems.

Norman Manea, a professor of Literature wrote “October, Eight O’clock Stories.” The book includes fiction about death. At the age of five, Manea was deported to the Ukrainian interment camp of Transnistria.

Death? “Let not your hearts be troubled, trust in the Lord Jesus Christ,” (from the Holy Bible).


1. Prayers for the Poor Souls in Purgatory (by St. Gertrude the Great)

Eternal Father,
I offer you the most precious blood
Of your Divine Son Jesus,
In union with the Masses
Said throughout the world today
For all the holy souls in purgatory.

O Lord, hear my prayer
And let my cry come to you.

2. Prayer for the Dead (St. Hannibal Mary)

Most loving Heart of Jesus, from the bottom of my nothingness,
I beg you to extend your infinite mercy to the holy souls in purgatory
That they may soon enjoy the beatific vision.

Look, O Jesus, on the tears of the Church,
Your mystical spouse born from
Your Sacred side on the altar of the cross.
She presents to you your own merits and
Begs you to have mercy on the souls
Of the departed ones.


The story of Christ’s passion shows the life of Jesus Christ as man: the reason for why was He born, and why did He die. Triumph is shown in the most beautiful Resurrected Christ!

Rosalinda Flores – Martinez