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Rolando Mendoza: The Theory of the Hunt

August 24, 2010

Rolando Mendoza: The Theory of the Hunt

“Unfortunately, we do love each other, but we do get into trouble.” R. Ardrey

“The evidence shows he had discontinuous fire and he was in caves. And when you start living side by side in the small area of one cave with a lot of different families then your jealousies are going to start and your hostilities between each other are going to start….

As I can see, he did not have the leisure, I repeat, he did not have the leisure in which to develop hostilities to his fellow man. Too much of his time was taken up with other business.” L. Leakey

August 2010 is a day of mourning for the Philippines.

Philippines “not” Filipinos, because the “Philippines” (symbolizes) is composed of various nationalities from many parts of the world. Today, the Philippines just like any country is part of a cross-culture and ancestry of diverse blood bonds: Filipinos, Chinese, Spanish, other Asians, Europeans, Americans, or Jews etc. among othe…



You were the dream I had last night
All - about you. When you held me

In the arms of eternity
When you kissed me in the brink of

Death. When you breathed in me. I
Knew I was the first you ever loved

I felt how you ached when words were
Mute. And you couldn’t shout your moan

And you couldn’t touch that dainty
Pink lace of time


Deserve my love
Every beat of my heart will kiss

For you. Every song I sing will
Shout for you - how much, how much

I love

Rainbows flow and waterfalls
Gush on me. The clouds, the wind

A stage where I dance as day
And night I weave moon and stars

Then you, put a crown on my head,
The gleaming jewel of sunrays

I feel your eyes burst me. Your heart
Raise my brokenness. I die,

For you
I live
For you

No other man would dare take me
Except you. In all my agonies

Drenched in every sorrow of the world
I have loved you

How my spine shivered, how my
Breath whispered your love. Till fragrant

Flowers bloom, Sahara flows


August 19, 2010



Have You Ever Thought How Garbage Boys Survive?

The garbage truck was in front of the cab I was on a few days ago.

The traffic gave me a picture of how garbage collectors work on their assigned task to serve us.

I thought they were on to penance because the work they do is literally “dirty.”

Of course, as compared to the hospital/medical staff who treat infections and diseases; dirt and stinking barrels of dirt are loathsome.

What do you think, how do their kids hug them? Have you ever worried for them? They have to be given protection against all the dirt of the world. These good workers deserve to be thanked for

In other countries, garbage collectors are paid well. How about in the Philippines…. (private or government garbage employees) how are they treated?

In my case, I think dirt ---- attracts diseases like stomach disorders, allergy, and lung problems, among others. Take for example the killer flu virus, and those objects that are habitat…


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Check this out: Myrick Hilario on You Tube

If you want to LAUGH, check this video

He can be a good comedian

Or maybe, a singer if he's packaged by a manager

Or I can teach pronunciation lessons...Myrick you can email me if you find this blog.

Let us just pray for those people who say foul words to other people; and let us pray, too that others will find their success

May GOD help us all

Myrick... Bravo for you!

Smile smile smile

ELS Online

Blogging Forever?

Blogging Forever?

Thank GOD, I survived the 100-Article Challenge of Ezine Articles. Com.

From here, I thought… what would be the next?

Now, I am trying to test if I could be a professional blogger? I mean, work and at least earn in this aspect of writing. I will do that and see the possibilities…

I know it won’t be easy, nothing came easy in serious work. But then, work becomes light and happy if you love what you’re doing, like blogging forever? Watch out!

1. I have read about the cookware in Maureen Sander Blog, and surely cookwares must last a long time and could be passed to your children and your children’s children. The price is right because the guarantee of it is durability and safety.

There are different name brands for cookwares : affordable and expensive, something to fit your budget or splurge on something useful.

We have got “Soligens,” and a lot more…some are imported from different countries like India, US, and Japan. They’re good to cook for your kids meal…

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Distance Learning Tips: How to Succeed in Online Learning

Distance Learning Tips: How To Succeed in Online Learning

Learning is successful if there is hard work. In whatever endeavor, we have to get focused in our goals. Yes, whatever happens!

You will measure success if you have achieved all you should have accomplished at given dates and time like for example: finishing a project. Learning is also working; it is another aspect of how you use time wisely, how you profit in your goals (material and nonmaterial), and how you manage to do life goals with everyone and your community. Know that learning works best if it’s not just for you, but your responsibility that others must share in the benefits. It is like one nation working for peace, one student pushing for graduation, parents sending kids to school, and one leader laying food for his country, among others.

Distance learning is favored, and such a precious gift of technology. It easily links work and urgent schedules in whatever place like the internet.

Of course, success must…

The Gift of Wisdom in Charity

The Gift of Wisdom in Charity

Wise sayings are around us. We have to find and learn it everyday. As the religious, the philosophers, scholars, and workplaces learn them, so we have to be aware and practice what we are taught:

1. “It is an honor to receive a frank reply.” (Proverbs 24:26)

If you get a frank reply, be thankful. It might tell you of the truth. Sometimes, negative comments hurt, but then – it sharpens the edges of your will and give you enough courage.

2. “Listen to this wise advise; follow it closely, for it will do you good, and you can pass it on to others: Trust in the Lord.” (Proverbs 22:17-19)

“Trust in the Lord.” This advice comes strong in any situation. However some people make this sound only to be as a recorded, “Play again.”

You have to live the word and trust God your life. Be a good example to say this. When you utter the words; they will seep into the being of others and they will understand what you mean.

3. Your soul is nourished when you are …

How Much Do You Believe in the Proverbs?

How Much Do You Believe In The Proverbs?

Proverbs are wise sayings of people from different ages, showing facts of life and real experiences focusing on truth and righteousness.

Here are proverbs of the Old Testament book from the Holy Bible. These were written by wise men of Israel and King Solomon, David’s son.

1. “How does a man become wise? The first step is to trust and reverence the Lord.”

You cannot be wise if you depend in your own knowledge and in the power of man. No wisdom is greater than that of God. If you reverence and believe in a Creator, then you can become wise.

2. “Hatred stirs old quarrels, but love overlooks insults.” (Proverbs 10:12)

If you have hate in your heart, it keeps on remembering old mistakes and petty quarrels. As adults, fighting must fade. A good conversation will fix things anew. If your hear is full of love, you will forget how you were cheated but forgive and reconcile.

3. “Teach a child to choose the right path, and when h…

Lets Go Back: Theories of the Origin of Speech

A Review : Theories of the Origin of Speech

Man differ from animals because of extraordinary development of the brain and the power of articulate language. Truly as civilizations progress, man continues to study and explore the world.

Since the beginning of time, language has become essential in the progress and evolution of time. From the caves and tribes; sign and symbols were evident in gestures, communication and various art forms in the way man lives.

Check this out:

1. The bow-wow theory Speech that is imitative of natural sounds, such as the barking of dogs and other animals, etc.

2. The pooh-pooh theory Speech is derived form instinctive ejaculations evoked by pain, joy or other intense feelings or sensations. The earliest linguistic form were interjections and exclamations.

3. The ding-dong theory This theory is a mystic harmony between sound and sense, that to every impression within there is an appropriate expression without –“everything which is struck rin…

Why We Miss People

Why We Miss People

“I miss you, I miss you a lot.”

We often say these words to people around us. This proves that man is a social being.

Why do we miss our family, relatives, close friends, co-workers, constituents, communities…we almost miss everyone and everything! Again, the saying “No man is an island.”

We need to love, and we need to share triumphs and trials with each other. That is why we’re always missing.

Time today in fleeting seconds will fly, and there will be another time tomorrow. Where we are and with who we are weave beautiful memories of life. We have pictures, documents, and souvenirs because we cannot hold the joy we’re feeling with someone forever; we cannot forget how someone shared with us happy and difficult times. How together people ate, worked, and played are great points in life.

What do we do when we miss people? Here are 20 answers.

“I call them.”

“I send text messages to them.”

“I chat with them.”

“I buy them gifts or tokens.”

“I plan to go out w…

The Carpenter

Inspiration to Life: The Carpenter

When I go to church some mornings, I always saw Mario. I’m going out of the gate, he is coming in the compound. His looks was light despite of his work as a tough carpenter. He carried a blue backpack and wore a red cotton-t shirt. And then he would change from the red cottong shirt to a loose old green jacket. That was what he wore most of the times.

He worked whistling a happy tune. Every time I turned on our player, he switched places and brought all his tools under the mango tree in front of my small house. There he could listen to the beat of my speakers. He would nod his head and quickly went on cutting and hammering the furniture he was asked to finish.

I couldn't see his work piece by piece but as soon as he carried the finished product and brought it inside my neighbors house – it looked so elegantly crafted. Mario didn’t mind his pay. I heard from Bianca he wasn’t paid much only a little. He ate lunch with his bare hands und…

The Progress of Civilizations

The Progress of Civilizations

Culture has aided man toward the development and progress of a generation.

Man not only develops behavioral traits but also physical ones. As an example among others, the hunting way of life made man develop the erect posture, and this necessitated the development of large buttocks.

What man is socially, comes up to be brought by the time where he/she lives.

Check out the consequence of tool making and tool usage when the hand has become a magnificent precision instrument.

How man adapts himself at a given time and in over all time is culture. How time weaves life from the beginning to the present, and how the inhabitants progress through education or training result to fascinating developments.

Scientists have been able to reveal that the average person in any human society is able to learn just as much as the average person in any other society.

Today’s culture brings the advanced methods of sciences like inventing modern medicines compared to yes…

The Evolutionary Factors: Why People Are Different

The Evolutionary Factors: Why People Are Different

Authorities say that man comes from common ancestral stock. Diversifications result from repeated and unrepeated changes and processes in the development of the ethic group for essential unity without uniformity.

Creation from the Bible documents from the chapters of Genesis showing us how tribes and groups have developed into bigger territories and nations.

All men belong to the same genus “Homo” and the same species “sapiens.”

From the book, “Man His First Two Million Years,” by Ashley Montagu, “Natural selection, mutation, and isolations are factors, among others, that explain how man differ from each other.”

Charles Darwin says, “As many more individuals of each species are born than can possibly survive; and as, consequently, there is a frequently recurring struggle for existences, it follows that any being, if it vary however slightly in any manner profitable to itself, under the complex and sometimes varying conditions o…

Reading Death

Reading Death


Coping up and accepting death is being objective with death. Life as it is born, dies. In between, many writers find for some reasons and ways how to make death acceptable for humans. Coping and expressing emotions and thoughts in terms of art and rituals serve death, forming pictures of life here and beyond.

Death shows how time links the past and present civilizations, how man rise and preserve species, and how history lived. The answers are vast as the universe began in Genesis and how it will end in the Revelation.

We are people with so many questions showing power and great faculties transcending life, but still science gets its limits in death. No mutation, or invention, or technology can create another human and give its dignity in death, except the Supreme Being called God.

Poets and writers share wisdom about this topic.

Emily Dickinson wrote “Because I Could Not Stop For Death.”

James Joyce wrote “The Dead.”

Federico Lorca Garcia wrote “Lament for …