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How ESL Students Can Improve Their Written English

Many ESL students are already well-versed in basic grammar. Some of these students are from good universities and some are established professionals. In fact, many have memorized the grammar rules, but the problem is that they find it difficult to compose a clear sentence. I make it a point that before I leave my students, they are able to make a good sentence. "Grammar cannot, at all times be perfect even for native speakers," but I tell them that to let them try. They are then motivated to practice more. At least two or three times a week (as a homework), I let them write five or ten sentences. On the next day, the student reads his/her homework and explains to me/ the class about it. We have detailed facts and an exciting conversation. I edit/check the homework a day before or after the class. After the corrections, he writes his sentences again for review. That is how I teach them how to write. Online, we email each other, so at least they could see and really practice …