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Review: The Fanboys

Have you heard about the Fanboys? Did you miss them in your English classes? Here are six easy rules to remember the comma and the semi-colon.

1. A coordinate conjunction is a linking word that connects words, phrases or clauses that are similar in grammatical structure.

The two words that are connected by the conjunction (for, and, nor, but, yet, so, or) are of equal status. (FANBOYS)

2. A clause is a group of words that has both a subject and a verb. The independent clause can stand alone as a sentence; it has a complete thought.

3. Rule of the comma -

When two independent clauses are joined by one of the FANBOYS, you place a comma before the FANBOY. The group of words preceding and following the FANBOY must be independent clauses. Each must express a complete thought.

Example: Norie went online early, for she knew there would be lots to read.

Rose writes poems, and Juvy renders speeches.

Do not use a comma before the FANBOY if the word group following the FANBOY is NOT an independe…

Ringo Starr: Going Back Liverpool

I'm a Beatles follower. Way back, I never thought I would go this far - but I'm here finding my muse with their gift of songs. Their genius amuses me.

I live on Liverpool Street, Philippines. My lucky number is 64. I am an ordinary writer. I grew up listening to the "Beatles" songs even I'm out their generation. My high school classmates adored them and my uncles had their jingles memorized. Later, when I taught ESL, my foreign students (both young and old) sang their songs. Their songs were considered valuable in English history.

Let me define Beatles' Art.

The Beatles genius' is a showcase of music, instruments, and song poems. The songs are easy but forceful. Mostly, they're about love and life, but something that carries mystery to the senses. The lyrics of their songs are crafted like stars spreading on the sky at night and like original nursery rhymes in unique form and structure. The melody lasts and fits a wide range of tunes and instruments b…