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This November 29th

After not so being focused on my writing affairs -

I'm glad to be back ---

Actually, I don't know what  to start with

But then it is like moving after

houses are burned

war in Gaza

breaking up with a husband

starting a new job

or going back to church

Living one a day at a time - in any place

in acceptance of every person big and small

is grace and joy

And beyond all the things, you can ask for

have or not have

miss, deny, or ask pardon of

desire, trash or think about

I've always realized that in God - all things



and will be.
So, don't worry now.  God knows our hearts.

Mama Mary, we pray for peace and charity.

St. Hannibal, pray for us.  Send O Lord, holy workers into Your church.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, we trust in You.

Missed you a lot,
RoseVoc2 on ishallwrite

In November: The Uses of Death

Masters of the world say communities have to be voracious readers for civilization to progress. As I came across this book, "Cities of the Dead," by Joseph Roach (1941), I thought there was something special about the topic, because we are the living and soon, we would all die. Of course, everyone must savor the life we have because life is a gift from God. Yet, life is a balanced equation. It comes complete with death. Birth is equal to death. That is why Jesus Christ came for us, to give us more, that we may be worthy and happy of the present. The present will be tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the next past. Such is the cycle of time. Death has many uses.

Cities of the Dead showcases murals, cemeteries, burials, festivals, historical monuments, art, and pictures of cities that convey no words but a heritage. Codes, symbols, and issues suggest functions to be deciphered by scholars. The forgotten dead but not gone opens a collective memory for the living.

Moreover, poets sing …

In November Rush

Did you miss me?

I got busy drawing hands

All those hands: leaders', workers', servants'

And yours the most!

The clouds bothered on some nights, their shapes unpredictable

as your laughter and grin -

I miss your eyes

And those times you couldn't answer my favors, but just look at me

How innocent your gaze!

And your mouth pursed like a moon

And your face glowed like tequila

I adore you.     /rosevoc2 on ishallwrite