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How I Wrote The Poem "Colors: Painted Texts"

How I Wrote the Poem Colors

Red ocher is associated with the earth’s color and burials. It is the ground.  Red is a soil that grows harvests.  It is associated with blood.  The word ocher is sweet to the mouth like dominant vowel sounds.

Theology is a subject taken by philosophy students, as this poem is addressed to vocations.  That time, I remember one, wearing a cool blue shirt.

I am showing a stage in “Down rolls a canary wing draping a stage between now and tomorrow.  Literally, the stage is draped with a yellow curtain as compared to a real canary with beautiful wings.  Also, there is light between time zones of now and tomorrow.

Your kiss is my fantasy.  Your kiss is the sweetest ever.  It is a kind perfection to my reality as Plato’s Utopia.

The love poem which can never happen becomes real in words of fiction.  I live in this world.  A writer lives in her creation.   The zeal in the work completes the work.  The writer’s purpose is a structured passion.

One highlight in the …