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Death Row

February 23, 2010

Death Row

Wall of Egypt in Haiti


From one space in the corner

Time and tide wait

For healing of sores

And fresh wounds

Dripping blood arouse

Gleaming sirens

That fright even weeds

To hide

Scream the corpses,

Prepare the Heaven,


Sooner or later,

Death will come

The ghost of Scrooge wilts

In pain.

Rose flores martinez, 2010

rose flores martinez

Respect/On Communication

February 21, 2010

Respect and Compromise

Respect the rights of others and require that they respect yours.

There is a set of verbal coping skills known as assertive behaviors. These behaviors which occupy a middle range on behavioral continuum run from aggressive on one end, to passive on the other. People who behave aggressively trample on the rights of others, and generally get paid back for their behavior. Passive individuals put the rights of others before their own and end up feeling angry and resentful at themselves and others.

Assertive individuals are effective in interpersonal situations because they have a high sense of their own self-worth and they appreciate the personal significance of others. An assertive behavior includes direct eye contact, erect posture, a level and well-modulated tone of voice that is convincing without being intimidating, and a message with honest content.

According to a psychologist, “There are several techniques which will aid you in being a…

Listen and Interact

February 21, 2010

Listen and Interact

Listening requires awareness. And don’t forget the patience. Remember you are listening because you want to learn. Learning is getting correct information, which is real useful in everyday course of events. Warning: Please be careful to know the difference between correct information and gossip.

I. Listening Tips

1. Focus on the topic. Be interested. Concentrate on the speakers thoughts and learn to get the main idea of the topic. Try to figure out how it is developed.

2. Give the speaker a chance to share. Be enthusiastic. It is not how the speaker looks, but what he says.

3. Don’t be emotional. “Don’t fall in love and dream, don’t get angry and hate,” during the listening process. Be on guard for important details. Listen long enough so you will understand the speaker’s points. Ask questions after everything has been delivered.

4. Be interested on the topic and give the speaker a chance and prove his/ her topics.

5. Always g…

Beauty Department

Beauty Department

When we say “You are beautiful,” it usually means someone is physically attractive. Outstanding beauty though is celestial, but as people we physically diminish slowly. In youth is the freshness of the blood, middles age the sophistication, and seniority the upkeep.

We cannot be young forever, but as we grow old, we have to live feeling beautiful and healthy. Naturally, good food and vitamins are needed.

Tips from beauty experts and those who have grown old gracefully:

1. When your face looks like a prune because of wrinkles, deep moisturizing treatment can help lines look finer.

2. When your hair is greasy like you could fry eggs, swap to a slightly astringent shampoo.

3. How about double chins? Double chin is caused by fat, so the simple answer is to diet. Slap chin underneath to work on loose muscles.

4. If your hairdo is a disaster and you are unhappy, ask the help of the salon. You can rectify it.

5. Regular trims help control split ends.

6. If you lo…