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Cyberspace is for Everyone!

The World Wide Web is a gift of technology to the people in the 21st century.

It deems numerous benefits for the people and the cyber community. As a means of communication, it works like the speed of light.

As made up of science it could not be the property of any government, but of those who own its tangible domains and documents, and of course, the author and his assigns (as in the basic copyright laws and the fundamental laws).

The internet is a virtual society. It is egalitarian (Wikipedia). It can serve as schools to out of school youth, a library to busy students, workers and professionals, an update and news to the global community across oceans.

It volunteers in the "I Share Community" free books, creative basic and experienced tips, free games, free movies, free knowledge, free mass celebrations, free consultation from experts and free ads; around the world! Everyone can easily afford and get access online saving time, money and effort in just one click.

Yes, the …