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Work is Just Playing

Work is a gift of life. It deals with a lot of processes, and can be defined in many ways. For kids, work is just playing like building blocks, doing homework, and cleaning up tiny cabinets.

I heard from a teacher way back my younger years that when you love your work, you wont get tired doing it. It becomes a way of life and art expressed in serving and sharing with others.

If you have work, then you get paid. Of course, the need to survive and pay for basic needs and bills, though the salary comes secondary. What matters is service and making things easy and beautiful for others. It’s a sign of progress when buildings are erected, and schools, churches, and communities are built. Nations grow nearer the sky.

If you work seriously, you have to go the extra mile like working more than eight hours a day. Like staying awake sometimes and meeting deadlines and results. It is making things happen and not just dreaming and waiting for others to do things. It is doing initiative…

The Third Eye

June 26, 2009

The Third Eye

Tony Perez, noted playwright and my Drama teacher is a psychic guru!

Perez assents, “Everybody is gifted with a third eye because everybody has psychic abilities, albeit in different in different degrees of development. If that were not true, we would be incapable of recollection, of remembrance, of memory, of foresight, and of imagination.”

Perez says the third eye is a popular term that refers to one’s psychic vision or spiritual insight. It is typically depicted in visual art as being located in the middle of one’s forehead. “While this is graphically useful, it is also misleading because true inner vision is always from within – whether in one’s mind or in one’s heart,” he says.

It is all a matter of switching on the power to see. Turning on the third eye helps us see spirits and read people. With it we can go back into the past and see things in the future. We may also interpret dreams, visions and understand a message from a friend, a close relative…

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June 25, 2009


Terrorism is often a tragic drama for which the world is a stage. Violence, death, intimidation and fear are its theatrical ingredients. The plot usually involves hostages, deadlines, and high-level bargaining. Tension and anxiety levels are immediately raised. National and international news media frequently monitor and broadcast terrorist events as they unfold.

The impact of the violent act extends beyond the immediate victims. The message is more extensive. Terrorists – leftists, rightists and insurgents – are thus likely to choose their victims and targets with care to achieve maximum impact.

The Politics of Terrorism, edited by Michael Stohl, says the purpose of terrorists is either to maintain a regime or create the conditions for a new one. The violence of the terrorist act is not intended simply to destroy but also to be heard.

As opposed to patriotism, the insurgents’ claim of love of country is a lie. The comfortably accepted notion about them, acco…

Some Poems for Vocation

For Vocation

1. Tongue of fire lights a candle for me

In the presence of your habit

Shadows of the past hide in

the sun of your radiance, rays twinkling

raindrops. I seek nothing but

heaven, I seek no one but God

You are an eternal candle in

front of the Cross.

/for Ted.

2. Tongue of Sword

All listen to the argument of

Adam in your sacred mouth

Prophecies in your tongue of

sword cut the heathen

The flame in your scepter cures

the lepers, heals the blind. I

seek waiting for you, waiting

till you sit with me.

/For Arvin.


Remembering Fathers

June 23, 2009

My Dad.

My Dad is one beautiful experience.

I grew up with this tough guy in his prime. I still could trace his face but then what I remember most of him are his good deeds to people. Truly, our sad and happy times together.

I remember him with the food we eat, and how he braved every situation unprepared.

I remember him when he pays for all his friends at the bus.

When we go to the province and he brings something to his poor cousins.

When he offers bountiful food to our rich and poor friends alike.

I remember him when he challenges me to render a declamation in front of his friends.

And when he tells me not to cry, and just let my tears flow.

I remember him when he tells me not to ASK from anyone, and just be contented of what we can have because GOD would provide for our needs.

I remember him the last time he went to church, the last time he fetched us from PNC, the last time he walked out our home and never did come back.

I remember him with my innocent siblings around his cof…

i shall write: Remembering Fathers



What Would I Say to Him

What would I say to him

For you my best friend Rosie

What would I tell him if he came asking me
If I still do love him or not?
What would I say: if his fingers
Gather and caress my hair?
how I allow him approaching by his seat
And let his arms on my waist sleep?
Tomorrow.. if he would come.. I'll give him his letters
And feed the fire with our sweetest words
My love! Am I really his love?
Should I believe after forsaking me, his allegation?
Hasn't over my story with him for a long time?
Hasn't melted away the sun lines of his memory?
Have not we broken the glasses of love before?
And how now we shed tears for a broken glass?
My God.. his little objects are torturing me
How I escape from the big things?
Here is his newspaper in the corner left out
This is a book.. we had raed it
On the seats the ends of his cigarettes
In the corners.. the rest of his remains.
Why I look into the mirror.. asking it
By which dress I meet him?
Do I pretend I do not love him?
And how I don't love who dwells in my …

Remembering Fathers

This is just a working title...

Have a nice day all!

A Glimpse of the Past

Today is Monday, June 22, 2009

The past seems to me as ordinary work but a thanksgiving of all that GOD gave me

Prayers granted, and the little miracles that explain to me what life is

Days have passed, I met many people in different corners

The most I can remember is how one tries his/her best in terms of work as a way of serving others - whether family, friends, or strangers

I know I am one ordinary person just like anyone, but I thank GOD for letting me see through life vivid wisdom, I couldn't even tell the point of facts and origin

Wisdom has no origin. It is one fruit of GOD's love given to us in grace and mercy

I follow where GOD would send me. I know I want a lot things for myself --- yet some of it just don't happen. And those I don't really care about - happen...
I trust GOD, now that many questions arise as to what could be, would be, in my everyday trek of accomplishing some goals

I have enough free time. I've got free schedules. And in between, the most I …

Why Write Journals

Time and time again history comes and goes, the past seen today, and the future contrived. Even the ancient times communicated to us through writings on cave walls, magical ceremonies on scrolls, and the evolution of languages.

Why write? Famous writers give us varied answers. Students say is it a requirement. And still professionals say "It is needed in my job."

The habit of journal writing forms thinking minds in each one of us. It digs deeper ideas and cultivates a more confident personality. When words are written, one exerts more effort than speaking. This brings the mind to be more alert and interactive in the everyday affairs of life.

How to write journals. Well, it's easy as ABC. Anyone can write a journal. Anyone is free to write a journal. It's a sentence or a paragraph everyday. Anything that is thought about like breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It's writing about people, events, and places. It's writing about yourself... and others? Of course: writing i…

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The College Admission Essay

Take note of the following instructions to make you ready for your college admission essay!

In writing your essay take note of the following points:

1. What is the question? What does the essay require? Set a time-limit.

More or less you should establish an idea. Don't confuse yourself with a lot of words and ideas you cannot organize and is way out of your main topic and essay title. Don't even show -off using highfalutin and vague words. Attack a question forthright and give the answers you can explain.

2. Outline the details.

Here - be ready to discuss, explain, summarize, compare, or give examples. Go to the specifics, those the reader/examiner will easily understand. Highlight the significance of your essay.

3. Organize your ideas from the outline.

These ideas will be the body of your essay that would contain the development of your answers. Support your answers with helpful details, references, and facts. Professional advice and true-to-life experiences can vouch for informatio…

The Art of Writing

Why do people write? There are many answers.

Usually it is to communicate, to inform, to entertain, and to express oneself.

For journalists, it is work. Now in cyberspace, it's business.

Writing is fun, but more serious writing is a tedious process. It can be teaching, too, like talking. Prints and documents make writing more valuable than spoken.

A general rule in writing that can apply to anyone is to write from the heart and the mind. It sounds cliché, but writing is best described basically as this. Professional writers, teachers, researchers, scholars, philosophers, and book authors, among others, have their own discipline and writing style.

For the more serious writers, writing is something that couldn't be controlled, and nothing gets in between the writing prompts. The power of writing itself transforms the writer into a being more than himself. In the process of creation, nothing could come between the writer and his work - not even rules, not money, not fea…

White is Might

If you want to know about black underarms... visit White is Might, Daily Tribune, Rose Flores - Martinez. Thanks

Brave Knight

I also published this on:http:// flores.

Shimmering white
Angel dust and honey
Flow on me

Like a shower of lilac
In the fragrant dawn
And cool mist

While waiting for you.

The beauty is remembering
our existance. You have
come to me one by one as

Brave knights. Gleaming
swords of clasping hands
Untainted. Your habit defies

Dirt and stinking corpses
And loathing days and nights.
It glories in the pouring

of rain. And the blood of a
dutiful battlefield

The brave knight is
Kneeling for peace.

RoseVocations 2008

Out of Mind

Do you believe that the things we’ve forgotten are the things we don’t mind forgetting? Maybe. The sad fact is, there are times when we look back, and we cannot remember at all.

Dementia – loss of memory learning, reasoning, judgment – is usually brought on by chronic, progressive structural or degenerative conditions that are irreversible. The factors are unknown but hereditary, like hypertension and diabetes, followed by a stroke or several little strokes. Dementia is different from forgetfulness due to normal aging and from delirium. Normal forgetfulness preserves general information and its symptoms do not interfere with normal functioning. Delirium is the onset of symptoms that usually takes hours or days and the severity fluctuates during a 24-hour period.

Derived from the Latin “de” (out) and “mens” (mind), dementia means being out of mind. According to the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder !V (published 2000), “Dement…



My high school classmates, forever. Philippine Normal College. Hail Alma Mater.


This Time Dear God I Pray

For your mercy, grace, and love made visible everyday
For your manifestations of the little miracles
For the happy encounters that come our way.

For your care in our loneliest and darkest moments
Sometimes, unbelieving moments;
Father, your providence in us to share –

Your eyes on us, do stare
I pray,For your presence in front of us
Face to face.

Your power in us for humility
Your very tight embrace in joy
The fragments of Your breath Father,
And the HOLY SPIRIT blown upon our mouths.

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