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How to Get Over the Past. Set New Goals

The past can be happy, but there are times we just can't forget what put us down. Those times when we lost someone, left by someone, or didn't fulfill a goal, are audios that couldn't be broken, and journals that couldn't be torn. Needles come pricking windows of our past. There's still that throbbing pain, and a scar that couldn't be erased by surgery. How do we move on? The question is: Are we alive or dead? If we're dead, then we rest with God. If we're alive, then we hope in Him. Nothing is perfect in this world, but love. Love comes from God, and no matter our trials and pain, God sees how we suffer, how we cry, and how we could have been better. If we sinned, we could ask for a sorry. Sorry God, I will try to be better this time. If we have been indifferent, sorry God, I will try to act and share this time, though how little or big. And if we've always won, thank you God for all the gifts and success. I will serve others more and share what t…