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Rolando Mendoza: The Theory of the Hunt

August 24, 2010

Rolando Mendoza: The Theory of the Hunt

“Unfortunately, we do love each other, but we do get into trouble.” R. Ardrey

“The evidence shows he had discontinuous fire and he was in caves. And when you start living side by side in the small area of one cave with a lot of different families then your jealousies are going to start and your hostilities between each other are going to start….

As I can see, he did not have the leisure, I repeat, he did not have the leisure in which to develop hostilities to his fellow man. Too much of his time was taken up with other business.” L. Leakey

August 2010 is a day of mourning for the Philippines.

Philippines “not” Filipinos, because the “Philippines” (symbolizes) is composed of various nationalities from many parts of the world. Today, the Philippines just like any country is part of a cross-culture and ancestry of diverse blood bonds: Filipinos, Chinese, Spanish, other Asians, Europeans, Americans, or Jews etc. among othe…