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June 24, 2010

Respect for the Dead

“Unto thy hands O Lord, we commend our spirit.” I patterned this prayer to Jesus’ seven last words on the cross which is “Father, into Your hands I commit my spirit.”

These words impart trusting a promise. These words assure that a Father is waiting in all channels of a journey. Here is believing in someone named “God and Creator.”

Death is a solemn passing when each one has to say “Goodbye, until we meet again...” That is if we believe, there is a Father we could run to and be home with forever.

If someone will die, he needs a sacrament and/or prayers preparing him to meet his God.

During the wake, a reunion of relatives and close friends come very solemn. Tears of joy and sadness blend in the atmosphere of acceptance and unselfish giving of the self to each other and the bereaved family.

Here is a story.

When my mother died this May 2010, I witnessed how everyone tried to help.

I saw in this brief special moments how her siblings, in their p…