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Post of Sir Eric Gamalinda

I checked on Sir Eric Gamalinda's blog post...

And realized how our country has developed/progressed -

I agree with the points to ponder on

Thanks, Sir for showing us some pictures (in metaphors, dear readers)

I will think more of this, deeply

Have a wonderful day everyone!

For the Monks

February 2, 2010


Breath from Heaven blows in me

A glimpse of You

Secluded in the desert

You make me a mythic

Sculpture of stones in the rapids

I want to adore your hands

That pray current dawns,

For us decked in polar paths

I have made myself Yours

And I couldn’t be for any other

You are mine,

I kiss your feet.


Let us pray for Pope Benedict XVI

St. John Mary Vianney, pray for us
St. Hannibal, pray for us

Send O Lord, holy apostles into Your church.

Rose Flores - Martinez