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March 18. My Journal Notebook

Wednesday, March 18.

I'm waiting for things to happen.  I'm making them happen.  And when things fall apart, the best thing to do is rise up, again, and jump!  It's like being in a wrestling match or in a turtle and monkey race.  We all have our time in the world.  Might us well, make use of what is best for us and what we can share.  God has molded us perfect apart from the animals.  Sometimes, we like the things we  always dreamed of, though maybe, it comes that it isn't meant for us.  What matters is not stopping, but going forward.  Here you'd always be happy and find no regrets.

And here's a lesson to share.  When once we have endured, as we all battle with life - there is no other way, but to conquer again.  Make a good purpose of life!  Know what you want and be honest in any endeavor! Know how to endure and trust the Sacred Heart - by that You will be strong and happy!

Let me share a prayer.

Via Menchie Pascual's wall on Facebook.  Thank you.
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