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I Shall Write June 16, 2010


Today is Thursday, June 16, 2010

Updates on Life

1. It's a sunny day.

2. It's always a work day.

3. Prayer is very important everyday. It is the only thing we have all got in difficult times. It makes us one with GOD, with our loved ones and everybody. It is the "lingua franca" (interlanguage) of all our hearts. It washes away our sins and helps us with good intentions.

4. Genuine inspirations are from the people we meet (family,friends, community, school, office, online, streets, etc.)everyday. The persons we meet can be angels to us.

5. Prudence and/or discipline require/s sacrifice and love.

6. The living and the dead both pray to one Father GOD.

7. Littl (e good things come up to be great things, they help in accomplishing great goals.

8. The world needs people who can help each other in different ways, without being recognized, because it is work and service and love.

9. Respect and honesty are important virtues. As children learn the…