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Write A Biography

Write A Biography

Biographies are everywhere. It is a written account about the life of another person.

Some say it can serve as press release for someone; as in heroes, so their feat are acclaimed in history.
Information must be confirmed. Details must conform to journalistic standards.

According to writing professor Cristina Pantoja – Hidalgo (Creative Nonfiction, A Manual) In Shorer’s view: “The best biographer is a drudge, a critic, and an artist.”

Moreover, biographies of saints are carefully studied. They are out to the public to inspire communities about good works and charity. Biographies of Saints act as role models to fulfill a mission.

A life account of leaders, inventors, writers and some famous people are included in school curriculum for history, arts, reading subjects, and cultural studies, among others.

The Lives of the Poet

Samuel Johnson wrote the “Lives of the Poets.” According to Edwin B. Barrett (Hamilton College) “Johnson’s wisdom is, one decides at …

Confession: Writing a Love Letter

Confession: Writing a Love Letter

You need to rake your heart and see the beauty of how honest a love can be. You cannot lie when you write a love letter because it is about love. Love can’t cheat. Love is something beautiful and pure for everyone. It is prudent. Love is a gift from God that ought to be given away and takes nothing else.

Love letters share a bond of happiness for the sender and the receiver. If so, the writing task becomes meaningful and complete.

I. Let me share my writing confessions to God during my younger years.

Sample 1.

February 18, 1983

Dear God,

I just “wanna” let you know that I love you above anyone else.

I will live my life through your commandments and plans for me.

My Father, it’s enough to have you always with me…

I love you.

Your daughter,
Rosalinda (Rose)

Sample 2.

Jesus, I love you above all!

Help me to want your every will

So that You’ll not be sad.

II. Style and Structure

The structure of a love letter is the same as an ordinary or specia…

On Being Ambitious

What Makes an Ambitious Person?

These are on flash notes of winners:

From Desiderata, ”Avoid comparisons, there would always be lesser and greater persons.”

“To be or not to be,” that is the question.

“A difference in minutes and seconds make winners.”

What makes an ambitious person?

Successful people often say “Courage, faith, patience, hard work, prayer and dreams make an ambitious person.”

When I was a young girl I always wanted to be first which means, “I must be on the top list.” I loved competitions with anyone, even with boys. I thought there was no difference at all. I thought I could be as strong as they were. I played roughly with boys and I won over them like sprinting and sliding the softball fields.

In the classroom, I thought their ideas were ordinary and simple while I find challenge with fairy tale magic, the possibilities of cracking a mirror, or flying a carpet. “Of course, that was weird. I was happy making things happen, even if it was only winning a…

Note Read Exercise

Writing Exercise: Write Something About Yourself

Writing skills are necessary for self-utterance (communication), passing exams (students), and work progress (professionals).

It is evident that journal writing is a good practice to be honest on something about oneself as in a diary or a personal notebook.

Something About Myself:

I thank GOD for this gift of words.

Writing is pleasant but is it never easy; nothing though is easy. When I couldn’t write I feel very messy and angry. I feel incomplete and crushed.

Truly, I write anything: letters, quotes, easy poems, ordinary stories – real and unreal. I tell you a lot in words. Those that mute me and those I find divulging. But then, the spaces between what I tell you are the more important deals.

A writer knows what ideas to pick and what not. If you are the responsible type, of course, you will know the consequences it will bring everyone. And you dare or you dare not. Inside your stomach the energy fills in like whirling water…

Some Tip: The Press Release Job

Some Tip: The Press Release Job

Want to be a PR Writer?

“Awesome,” says many people.

Writing a press release is an interesting job. You come to know and make different people, different events, and different products, bigger than they are; of course, honestly. Advertisers and press release writers must give truth in advertising.

Press release writing can sometimes be compared to feature article writing, yet less in substance. The main objective in this kind of work is to sell the product or show. Here, you must focus highlighting the positive side of the subject.

In short, the successful press release rocks! The subject must be well-packaged with an attractive ribbon.

In my early years as a writer, I have got a lot of rewarding experiences writing press releases from my boss, the respected publicist Boy Abunda. Having a good rapport with media people, other writers and especially editors is necessary. You need to cultivate a lot of patience and honesty because the press v…



I have decided to cut the ties between us

Like what I do to my other lovers

I have been in shackles

With a sunken ship anchored down

The depths

My heart shudders

The Pacific

The Atlantic

The Red Sea in

Spinning waves and

Humming shells

Please come to me again

My milk is food to the ocean

My drink is the ocean

I am water that bows to the sky.

Rosalinda Flores Martinez

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Pet Friends, Dragon Friends

Today is Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pet Friends, Dragon Friends

Kids love pets: fish, chick, duckling, bird, puppy and kitten, among others. Hence, the “Aesop fables,” “Dora,” “Little Mermaid,” “Lion King,” “Pokemons,” “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Mikey Mouse,” “Donald Duck,” “Dalmatians,” “Pooh Bear,” “Madagascar,” and now “How to Train Your Dragon,” among others.

“Homo Sapiens” have all the reasons to love their pets because pets are men’s best friends. Generally in some countries like Japan, pets are considered to be a family member. Of course, pet loyalty is for the one who takes care of the pet, except for those that couldn’t adapt well to the environment therefore act as beasts.

Pets imitate the master and want to be given enough attention by him. Observe the dog that wags his tail when the master arrives. See the parrot that imitates how the master speaks. Watch the cat that wants to cuddle around with the master.

When pets die kids cry and ev…

Colors of Rainbow

Colors of Rainbow

You were there beside me
And we didn’t speak

I saw your cloak, and the habit
You were wearing
in black origami

I looked how your hands moved
Laid on each other
Your mouth
Silenced in your thoughts

You didn’t tilt you head
And your neck was
Monumentally glued
So your eyes wouldn’t
Look at me

They only looked at me
When I clasped my hands

I knew it was you
I knew it was you
I knew it from my heart

Because when you laughed
I heard it teased me
We understood each other
When we laughed

It was so beautiful

And then you built
A rainbow

I saw the true colors
Of flying cranes
Circling around you

We always looked out the window
After drizzle to find rainbows

I miss you so much.

Rose flores martinez

Thanks Ezine

To: Mr. Christopher Knight
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Long live Ezine!

Rose, Ishallwrite,2010

With Saint Hannibal

Today is Tuesday, April 13, 2010

After the lull days of my blogs, my mind still flies

No, I have not been somewhere, but thought I could just do other things; in the meantime

Times were happy and fleeting with family and friends, on vacation and praying during the holy week, and also ponderings ---

And that horrible day when I ate a lot of fruits, and the shortening, I thought was butter; it gave me stomach whirpool as good as penance

I left my blogs with small words of prayer

Well, I’m almost a statue with no words. Some people would say, “The glory of a woman is silence.” This is difficult to achieve because generally, women are noisy beings who are fond of talking

April vacation, made me realize that I missed most my books and my PC

I know I could stop using them, but never away from them. The sight of these inanimate helpful man-made creations reminds human beings how happy work can be, in many ways

No, I couldn’t be Thoreau who is a naturalist, because I live in the city. …

Go Yellow, Go Noynoy Aquino for President!