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Write A Biography

Write A Biography

Biographies are everywhere. It is a written account about the life of another person.

Some say it can serve as press release for someone; as in heroes, so their feat are acclaimed in history.
Information must be confirmed. Details must conform to journalistic standards.

According to writing professor Cristina Pantoja – Hidalgo (Creative Nonfiction, A Manual) In Shorer’s view: “The best biographer is a drudge, a critic, and an artist.”

Moreover, biographies of saints are carefully studied. They are out to the public to inspire communities about good works and charity. Biographies of Saints act as role models to fulfill a mission.

A life account of leaders, inventors, writers and some famous people are included in school curriculum for history, arts, reading subjects, and cultural studies, among others.

The Lives of the Poet

Samuel Johnson wrote the “Lives of the Poets.” According to Edwin B. Barrett (Hamilton College) “Johnson’s wisdom is, one decides at last, the noblest kind of wordly wisdom. Its limits are narrow, and its greatest effort is to preserve its limits, but within those bounds there is the possibility of great insight and a princely calm that encourages us to be grander beings in this world.”

James Boswell wrote the “Biography of Samuel Johnson.” Boswell won the friendship of Johnson and both went on a grand tour like Scotland and Hebrides Islands.

Boswell’s Life of Samuel Johnson doubles the reader’s rewards: it reveals not just one fine character but two. Together they provide a dramatic contrast. The book is the most famous biography in the English language.

Dr Johnson said: “Goldsmith’s Life of Parnell is poor; not that it is poorly written, but that he had poor materials; for nobody can write the life of a man, but those who have eat and drunk and lived in social intercourse with him.”

“Tom Davies described the laugh of Samuel Johnson as drolly enough: “He laughs like a rhinoceros.”

“Johnson said about marriage – “Marriage is the best state for a man in general; and every man is a worse man, in proportion as he is unfit for the married state.”

What makes a good subject for biography?

Professor Cristina Pantoja- Hidalgo, in “Creative Writing for Filipino Writers “ gives us these directions:

* a person who has always fascinated you,
* a person other people are likely to want to read about,
* a person whose story needs to be told,
* a person whose life is accessible to you (If they are alive, are they likely to consent? If not, are their heirs likely to make themselves and important document available to you?

Rosalinda Flores Martinez

Confession: Writing a Love Letter

Confession: Writing a Love Letter

You need to rake your heart and see the beauty of how honest a love can be. You cannot lie when you write a love letter because it is about love. Love can’t cheat. Love is something beautiful and pure for everyone. It is prudent. Love is a gift from God that ought to be given away and takes nothing else.

Love letters share a bond of happiness for the sender and the receiver. If so, the writing task becomes meaningful and complete.

I. Let me share my writing confessions to God during my younger years.

Sample 1.

February 18, 1983

Dear God,

I just “wanna” let you know that I love you above anyone else.

I will live my life through your commandments and plans for me.

My Father, it’s enough to have you always with me…

I love you.

Your daughter,
Rosalinda (Rose)

Sample 2.

Jesus, I love you above all!

Help me to want your every will

So that You’ll not be sad.

II. Style and Structure

The structure of a love letter is the same as an ordinary or special letter. It has a date, a salutation, a body, a closing and a signature. The style varies. Often, the style is free and can sound poetic. Sometimes the words are rhythmic like a beating heart that talks.

After writing the love letter, you will feel happy and contented. But before the write process, a feeling of restlessness and zealous ambition wait to be fulfilled.

A love letter is a thorough confession. It may sound like fiction because it is an ideal honest to goodness documented conversation. How can one lie with the feeling of love, inspiration, and goodwill?

The love letter is a separate entity from the person if it involves poetry, but specifically it is the being; the “guru” of pen and blank sheet.

III.Falling in Love

Visit the (my) E-book at Lulu.com titled, “Falling In Love on the Net,” by Rosalinda Flores Martinez (http://iwrotefiction.blogspot.com).

The book is a fiction story made up of letters.

Writing a story by means of letters (Epistolary) is as old as the novel itself (check out Samuel Richardson, “Pamela and Clarissa”). This style usually requires a certain amount of time for the reader to settle to the story; nevertheless, stories in this form have been successful.

“Falling in Love” is a story of email exchanges between an Englishman (Kieth) and a Filipina (Ashra) in a love that came intense like “Romeo and Juliet,” but not tragic in the end. The e-book uses a simple language suited for everyone, especially for non-native speakers.

The internet as milieu of the story fits the global community in today’s culture of emails like Google mails, Yahoo mails, and MSN.

Also, check out “I shall write” and “I wrote fiction” blogs or visit http://iwrotefiction.blogspot.com.

Rose flores martinez

On Being Ambitious

What Makes an Ambitious Person?

These are on flash notes of winners:

From Desiderata, ”Avoid comparisons, there would always be lesser and greater persons.”

“To be or not to be,” that is the question.

“A difference in minutes and seconds make winners.”

What makes an ambitious person?

Successful people often say “Courage, faith, patience, hard work, prayer and dreams make an ambitious person.”

When I was a young girl I always wanted to be first which means, “I must be on the top list.” I loved competitions with anyone, even with boys. I thought there was no difference at all. I thought I could be as strong as they were. I played roughly with boys and I won over them like sprinting and sliding the softball fields.

In the classroom, I thought their ideas were ordinary and simple while I find challenge with fairy tale magic, the possibilities of cracking a mirror, or flying a carpet. “Of course, that was weird. I was happy making things happen, even if it was only winning a single game or topping the academics without studying. People thought I was studying, I wasn’t; it was my play time.”

Some ambitious people don’t brag about their ideas, but most of the time they act. They know that there shouldn’t be anything or anyone to take away their dreams. Maybe as a child one brags, but as an adult one has to sacrifice.

Everyone has ambitions. Each one has his own goal and preference in life. The difference between the winners and losers is how they go on despite the trials. They don’t give up easily.

One must know what he really wants in life: to be with a purpose or to be a bum forever?

Being ambitious is not bad and must not involve pulling other people down. Instead, it must be pulling people up and bringing them while you climb ladders. Being ambitious is working for success. Writers are ambitious people. They want to insert themselves in the record of time and space. If they are lucky, they leave traces of ideas carved on a rock.

Ambitious people love success. They use time wisely. They make sure they work smart.

However, the danger signals! Don’t let bad ambitions overpower the good side. If so, this will destroy yourself and people. If so, these ambitions will pit your soul.

This is the litmus paper: Ambitions must serve as inspirations and the acceptance of responsibility and discipline. Here - success will not be far.

Rosalinda (Rose) Flores Martinez

Note Read Exercise

Writing Exercise: Write Something About Yourself

Writing skills are necessary for self-utterance (communication), passing exams (students), and work progress (professionals).

It is evident that journal writing is a good practice to be honest on something about oneself as in a diary or a personal notebook.

Something About Myself:

I thank GOD for this gift of words.

Writing is pleasant but is it never easy; nothing though is easy. When I couldn’t write I feel very messy and angry. I feel incomplete and crushed.

Truly, I write anything: letters, quotes, easy poems, ordinary stories – real and unreal. I tell you a lot in words. Those that mute me and those I find divulging. But then, the spaces between what I tell you are the more important deals.

A writer knows what ideas to pick and what not. If you are the responsible type, of course, you will know the consequences it will bring everyone. And you dare or you dare not. Inside your stomach the energy fills in like whirling water that want to gush forth. You want to come and reach the climax of the creative genius. This is the writer’s moment of truth. Thinking how to express and convert in words line you with steaming energy the gods emit. It is like you’ve eaten ambrosia and forever eternal. And it makes you crave for all the words to spit slowly or vomit or tongue gently.

Writers, generally, have big hearts; but they are often mad. I am often mad, that is why I am able to write. Well, it doesn’t matter if readers would like my stuff; what matters is I will share something, and in one million readers, at least – a soul would find me. And another, and another – until I spread the light of the work (written words).

Something About Yourself:

1. What do I take with me when I travel?

2. What are the stuff I couldn’t discard?

3. Or fill in the parenthesis: I am so confused, I could (verb) the (noun) and (verb) the (noun) and not think twice about (participle-ing verbs, e.g. leaning) the (noun).

4. Try writing short notes to friends, relatives, or anyone for instruction like a heart-warming text message, a thought to ponder on, a note to inspire or update.

Examples: I miss you.
I’m sorry about last night.
Drive carefully.
Please get some milk for breakfast.
Can we eat out on Saturday night?

5. What would you do if you only had one month to live?

Rosalinda Flores Martinez

Some Tip: The Press Release Job

Some Tip: The Press Release Job

Want to be a PR Writer?

“Awesome,” says many people.

Writing a press release is an interesting job. You come to know and make different people, different events, and different products, bigger than they are; of course, honestly. Advertisers and press release writers must give truth in advertising.

Press release writing can sometimes be compared to feature article writing, yet less in substance. The main objective in this kind of work is to sell the product or show. Here, you must focus highlighting the positive side of the subject.

In short, the successful press release rocks! The subject must be well-packaged with an attractive ribbon.

In my early years as a writer, I have got a lot of rewarding experiences writing press releases from my boss, the respected publicist Boy Abunda. Having a good rapport with media people, other writers and especially editors is necessary. You need to cultivate a lot of patience and honesty because the press values hard work and honesty with the people they work with. “No cheating!”

When I wrote press releases, I showcased artist shows, showbiz personalities, some products and wrote how they could entertain and/or let people benefit from the product.

You have to make a series of interviews and even some research for a simple press release.

Garbage fill were my first sets of press release drafts; until I could write it in various styles and slants. Going press rounds, and dropping the Cathedral praying – “God help us get our releases on many papers and magazines.” That was a tough job!

The most I could remember was writing promoting the song “Tell the World of His Love” (written by Jeff Arcilla for the World Youth Day; Pope John Paul II).

Tip: The press release must be out in all broadsheets (E.g. In the Philippines: Inquirer, Manila Bulletin, Philippine Star, The Daily Tribune, Manila Times; tabloids, magazines, and now the fastest is online. Try Ezine Articles.com and blogs, among others for free.

Press Release Sample:

Wished for an inspiration that lasts? Rogate Images are available for your dearest relatives and friends. Contact images@rogatecenterasia.org. for details.

Famous PR Man

One famous PR man got murdered years ago. Bobby Dacer served various politicians as publicist/writer. His death is still a question. I couldn’t forget Mr. Dacer (may he rest in peace with God) because he was one of our wedding godfathers. He was all in white when he attended the wedding.

Want a press release? Email rfvietnamrose9@gmail.com (for my blogs: “ishallwrite” and/or “Ezine Articles.com”)

Rosalinda Flores - Martinez



I have decided to cut the ties between us

Like what I do to my other lovers

I have been in shackles

With a sunken ship anchored down

The depths

My heart shudders

The Pacific

The Atlantic

The Red Sea in

Spinning waves and

Humming shells

Please come to me again

My milk is food to the ocean

My drink is the ocean

I am water that bows to the sky.

Rosalinda Flores Martinez
for poemhunter.com

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates

Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates

Pet Friends, Dragon Friends

Today is Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pet Friends, Dragon Friends

Kids love pets: fish, chick, duckling, bird, puppy and kitten, among others. Hence, the “Aesop fables,” “Dora,” “Little Mermaid,” “Lion King,” “Pokemons,” “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Mikey Mouse,” “Donald Duck,” “Dalmatians,” “Pooh Bear,” “Madagascar,” and now “How to Train Your Dragon,” among others.

“Homo Sapiens” have all the reasons to love their pets because pets are men’s best friends. Generally in some countries like Japan, pets are considered to be a family member. Of course, pet loyalty is for the one who takes care of the pet, except for those that couldn’t adapt well to the environment therefore act as beasts.

Pets imitate the master and want to be given enough attention by him. Observe the dog that wags his tail when the master arrives. See the parrot that imitates how the master speaks. Watch the cat that wants to cuddle around with the master.

When pets die kids cry and even adults do. They thought they would mourn for a loved one, just like when a family member dies.

“You may know that there is something good in a person, by the way he/she treats animals,” the wizards say.

Dragon Facts and Myths

Dragon tales have different versions. Usually, dragons are associated with power and kingship. In myths, dragons are with gods as messengers and they fly with heroes. From the very start dragons were seen as guarding treasures, holding back the floods, and dispensing knowledge.

On the other hand, a dragon can connote evil and symbolize frightening monsters around the earth. Imperial dragons are said to have 5 claws and other lesser dragon's 4 or even 3 claws.

Dragons are combined lizard, snake, dinosaur, eagle and giant powers; more than these, they blow gas, smoke, and fire.

The cute “Pokemons” like Pikachu are one of the most loved creatures of children. They are good little creatures that look like small dragons with a yellow fur shown in Japanese animation (created by Satoshi Tajiri).

How to Train Your Dragon

“Toothless” is the name of Hiccup’s dragon in the movie titled, “How to Train Your Dragon.”

The story runs during the time of the Vikings (Scandinavian people who raided the coasts of Europe from the 8th to the 11th centuries) where these Vikings where known to kill dragons, because the tribe believes “A dragon will always, always go for the kill.”

However, Hiccup, son of the head Viking becomes the bestfriend of Toothless, and instead of killing dragons makes friends with them. “They’re not what we think they are, we don’t have to kill them,” he asserts.

Later, Hiccup with his team and their dragon friends, fights with the bad dragon and wins the battle together. Hiccup’s father becomes proud of him.

/Rose Flores - Martinez
for: ezine articles.com

Friday, April 16, 2010

Colors of Rainbow

Colors of Rainbow

You were there beside me
And we didn’t speak

I saw your cloak, and the habit
You were wearing
in black origami

I looked how your hands moved
Laid on each other
Your mouth
Silenced in your thoughts

You didn’t tilt you head
And your neck was
Monumentally glued
So your eyes wouldn’t
Look at me

They only looked at me
When I clasped my hands

I knew it was you
I knew it was you
I knew it from my heart

Because when you laughed
I heard it teased me
We understood each other
When we laughed

It was so beautiful

And then you built
A rainbow

I saw the true colors
Of flying cranes
Circling around you

We always looked out the window
After drizzle to find rainbows

I miss you so much.

Rose flores martinez

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thanks Ezine Articles.com

To: Mr. Christopher Knight
Editor, Ezine Articles. com



Long live Ezine!

Rose, Ishallwrite,2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

With Saint Hannibal

Today is Tuesday, April 13, 2010

After the lull days of my blogs, my mind still flies

No, I have not been somewhere, but thought I could just do other things; in the meantime

Times were happy and fleeting with family and friends, on vacation and praying during the holy week, and also ponderings ---

And that horrible day when I ate a lot of fruits, and the shortening, I thought was butter; it gave me stomach whirpool as good as penance

I left my blogs with small words of prayer

Well, I’m almost a statue with no words. Some people would say, “The glory of a woman is silence.” This is difficult to achieve because generally, women are noisy beings who are fond of talking

April vacation, made me realize that I missed most my books and my PC

I know I could stop using them, but never away from them. The sight of these inanimate helpful man-made creations reminds human beings how happy work can be, in many ways

No, I couldn’t be Thoreau who is a naturalist, because I live in the city. Besides, I have never dreamt keeping close with the insects

Neither could I be St. Therese in her cloistered life, because I can go too difficult

Sorry for me, I wasn’t able to finish that 100-article marathon on Ezine.com

I wanted to submit 100 articles in that given time span; however, I wasn’t able to do so. I didn’t. I could not compromise quality for quantity: I was aware I didn’t have enough time. I know it is just like beating magazine and newspaper deadlines (feature articles), but of course, I have to give enough quality information, and I wasn’t able to do that time

Instead, what I submitted mostly for articles were ESL lessons and my own definition of words (others, I have borrowed) because I love words – this will be my other books soon, GOD help!

This April, I saw how I have written ideas by necessity, and what it meant to live and love the teachings of life. Rilke’s letters to a writer remind me that when those who are near you are far away, and you write, this shows that the space around you is beginning to grow vast. And if what is near you is far away, then your vastness is already among the stars and is very great; be happy about your growth, in which you can’t take anyone with you.

“Be gentle with those who stay behind; be gentle and calm in front of them and don’t torment them with your doubts and don’t frighten them with your faith of joy, which they wouldn’t be able to comprehend … seek out simple and true feeling of what you have in common with them…”

Truly, works of art are of infinite solitude. Only love can touch and hold them (Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke, translated by Stephen Mitchell)

And so I understood, a writer’s life; there’s always something new to discover everyday

During the halt, I read Ambit’s Gambit, LOL Literatures in Other Languages, I Wrote This For You blogs, Eric Gamalinda, and Marjorie Evasco – Pernia, among others

Of course, the columns of Conrado de Quiros and Butch Dalisay

I’ve attended Juvy’s ESL seminar, watched the presentations of teacher wannabes, went with Jonathan’s Duty Free splurge and watered the carabao grass that are wilting and turning brown, the grasses look like dead monsters flattened on the ground

Nothing new. After December breeze is April heat. January to March is erratic climate in the Philippines. Come May 2010 will be a new Filipino President, who is expected to alleviate the country from poverty; help the poor and the working class, and give them a decent living

I wasn’t able to go on a retreat

Nothing new, but the beauty of the Resurrected Christ. Literally Jesus, the Lord of the Resurrection in the house

Let me share this prayer from Ven. Fr. Joseph Frassinneti:

Alliance of Peace

“Forgive, Lord, all my sins and blot out all my iniquities.

Teach me to do your will.

Give me a good spirit.

Bring me near to you.

Do not let me be separated from you.

Look after me like the pupil of your eyes.

Without you dust and ashes that I am, I can do nothing.

In your name, trusting in your grace, I resolve to keep nothing for myself,

But only the perfect fulfillment of your law, by embracing your holy cross.

Neither for possessions, nor for life, nor for death,

I ask for nothing.

In this way let there be harmony between your will and mine.

May your mercy be in me and in everybody now and forever.


Truly, the wonders of April in my journey with Saint Hannibal.

Nice to be back.

Rose Flores – Martinez
Ishallwrite, 2010