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The Internet: A Community of the World

Learning online is a gift of technology. The computer is almost like many libraries around the world. Information and entertainment come easy and helpful as used wisely by students, professionals, workplaces and homes.

Learn these easy steps to conduct your research:


1. Consult general reference works to gain background information and basic facts, bibliographies, computerized data bases and other sources.

2. Use Almanacs and Yearbooks to provide up-to-date information on any topic along with statistical facts.

Atlases like the Hammond Atlas, the National Geographic Atlas of the World, and the New York Times Atlas of the World can help you identify places anywhere in the world and provide information about climate, places, and industry.

3. Consult Biographical Dictionaries ( noted authors of all time and contemporary authors), dictionaries (give correct usage of words and some information), and Encyclopedias (provide primary information and explanations). Random House an…