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Words from the Holy Bible

Over the years, society has been guided by laws to protect the people. Each person has the right and freedom to live a happy life. These laws rooted from a set of rules that was handed down to Moses by God on Mount Sinai. Moses, was given these laws for the Israelites, the chosen people (Exodus 19:1-34,35 – The Ten Commandments).

The Israelites represented the people of God, the whole human race. There are specials studies and interpretations that come with this. Moreover, as God’s followers, a golden rule summarizes into two: Love God and Love thy neighbor as thyself. “Do good to others as you want others to do to you.”

I. A list of information/words from the Ten Commandments

1. Moses Moses and the Ten Commandments (Exodus 19:1-34,35); the great leader and law giver of the Israelites; received the Ten Commandments from God on Mt. Sinai. He stayed with the Lord for 40 days and 40 nights without water, nor food. He wrote the commandments on stone tablets.

2. Sinai the m…

The Commandments (for Holy Week)

The Commandments

Objectivity will have to consider rules and a lot of reasons, and subjectivity will consider favorites. “GOD has no favorites,” said Father Arvin Revagorda, a holy priest. I agreed with him. “But Jesus had favorites too, while He was still a man; only that, He was fair to all,” I answered. And he smiled.

In the Divine Trinity, Jesus is the Father’s Son. His thoughts can never compare to anyone. It is as high as the heavens, and man in his elegance wouldn’t know this with all the books and estates he possesses. But man with the help of the Holy Spirit who gives wisdom must understand Jesus big loving heart that goes beyond all the rules.

Rules, canons, dogmas, principles, laws, canyons, opus: these are just a system of symbols, in Semiotics, the study of codes (Robert Scholes). Men have various discipline, interpretations, and a way of life. And because humanity needs to progress, man needs a set of rules which is a sign of civilization (growing cultur…

Mind Over Matter

Thursday, February 25,2010

Mind Over Matter

Heart over mind? Or mind over heart? It’s like the question “To be or not to be.”

If thoughts are unselfish, Heaven will make its way, despite all opposing thoughts. The Holy Spirit will give wisdom for discernment and common sense.

Objectivity will have to consider rules and a lot of reasons, and subjectivity will consider favorites.

Regarding who and what is right or wrong, requires a balance of judgment. Once, Norie ( a Japanese student and professional) asked me regarding a set of rules that binds a buyer and a seller. I thought about what my professor in Negotiable Instruments Law Sir Pasimeo (Polytechnic University of the Philippines, 1980's) taught us, “Caveat emptor” (Buyer, beware!) or “Caveat venditor” (Seller, beware!). There are many conditions of a sale. And of course, the laws must prevail.

But what must be in a friendship? “Both are my friends, what advise would I give to them?” That is why she was caught …