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I’ve been missing you in my hiatus;  it’s been a while since I’ve written you. Now, I’m back in September, after August nights.  I could see I always

fall in your arms.  My longing to be with you hasn’t changed.  I thought, I could stop writing you, thinking I might end up a laughing stock or might

just be disturbing your sacred moments; but then, God sends me again and again: if?  I don’t know when I’d end up these letters, be in touch with

reality, but maybe, God allows in His mercy that I speak to you in scripts, so arduous for me, because face to face, I can’t speak, but in gaze.  So the

texts, better greet you and chants in spring!  I feel mute, but just kissing your hands, unless of work status:  I’m available!  Smiley icon blinking with

lights! Awesome clouds of white petals raining down, “I love you!” Why can’t I just be normal adoring you?  I thank you all, for that which

you have done to me,  including all, who I don’t even see or touch hands. I thank you when you fall to the ground pray…