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How I Write Poems

How I Write Poems

There are many books and essays on how poems are made, Rilke’s How Poems Happen, how I write, or like George Orwell’s Why I Write...

In as much as, I want to gather all the fibers that have been woven and thread them together at this time, I will share how I weave my own, as taught, as read, as practiced, and with all due respect to my professors and other writers and poets.

When I was an MFA student, I was a mother who wanted more than 24 hours of a day to get closest to the life I lived. That ranges from the 20th century (December 1, 1901 – December 31, 2000) and the 21th century (January 1, 2001 – December 31, 2100) now, where I will end.

I must admit, I was chipped before the boom of technology. From the magnetic tapes on checks and tickets, I evolved with internet cards and got promoted with servers today. That was how I lived.

Everyday, I was a witness as to how technology evolved from big mobile phones, car phones, antique phonograph and stereos, boom box, …

How To Develop A Reputation As A Credible Author

By Rosalinda Flores-Martinez

Article Word Count: 468

Being a good writer is not just writing a paper and getting an A. It is not just being published one time, read one time, or trying a manuscript one time. "It is hard labor," that truth in Eliot I have always remembered in my Literary Criticism subject under Professor Campomanes.

As for me, aside from my daily grind of life, I have discovered my bones as a writer. My life is embedded in what I have learned from time and finding solace and inspiration in my work as tasks I could share. I find my work challenging and excruciating, too, like something you just can't leave or not do. I can leave all others, but not writing because it sustains my existence and my communication with the Divine. I don't assume anything I'd get from it, but as I find it so comforting, it brings me bliss and all inside of me, bursting like foam of clouds and fire from heaven. Of course, my younger days were over, when I got big paymen…

You: Billows of Guilt?

You didn't do it! Every tear

you shed, a cluster of icicles

enshroud. Your kiss, pure as

water. Your arms, overworked

with guns. Your thighs, steadfast

for duty. You asked for nothing,

but my love. You were a Muslim

and I was a Christian. We were

two different worlds. Our ages did

not meet, but in the equinox of the

suns. Our backgrounds were odd to

each other. The only thing common

was love and God. I didn't abandon

you when time separated us. You were

always in me, we were one Cross.

Billows of guilt, let come to heaven!

Never will I deny you, I will drift with you

fire on fire, knees on knees, limb on limb.

Your memory is my memory in the

stone walls. Your love, my weeping

trail. God is forever! In every billow

of imperfection, in everything or nothing -

He is a cloud that comforts...

Every vein in your arm, I will remember.

"Assalamu alaikum"

And peace be with you.     /for You, my love   rosevoc2 on ishallwrite. august 2012 also on poemhu…

August 7, 2012: A Prayer Poem For Calamities

Lord, we can do nothing but wait at what would come to us.

We are nothing but dust, yet you make us your children.

Our hands cannot reach out, but only measure from one arm.

Our feet cannot run, but only walk a few steps till the next turn.

We cannot hide God, but just stay where we are.

When the earth shakes, the waters rise and darkness visit our lands,

We can only cry for your mercy and seek your face.

Where are you dearest God?

Please protect us and those we love.

Hold each falling leaf and sweep with your breath every rattle of doom.

God come! Come, God to us, and carry the weak earth,

Every crippled nation and mend those teeth all cracked from the mouth of life.

We are so afraid dear God...

Forgive our transgressions.

Help us rest with you, forever!

Halt the chaos/flood, and give us tranquility/sun!

Be our strength!

Most Sacred Heart, we trust in Thee.

All angels and saints, hear our prayers.

Into your hands, God Almighty,

We commend our lives.



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rosevoc2. a small prayer

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, we trust in You