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On Februaruy 28: The Sense of Touch

"Lord, touch me with thy Holy Spirit that I could serve you well."

Touching bids the many aspects of life.

As compared to other senses (smell, hearing, sight, taste), the sense of touch is the most sensitive of all, because of the tiny nerve endings in the dermis ( all over the body).

What can touching mean? Why do we touch?

Touching can:

1. alleviate pain
2. be a passion shared
3. procreate
4. heal
5. offers
6. can hit or mess up, in some ways
7. create
8. extend power
9. love
10. abuse

In poetry, touching makes you remember contact and friction with living and non-living things. How smooth or rough, silky or slimy, and how to feel the spells of earth seasons. What do these seasons bring? Life will feel temperatures and experience feelings brought by cold nights and hot days.

Often, you touch with your hands and then your body all over.
When you are angry, there are times you would say, "Don't touch me."
When you empathize with someone you would say, "I…