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In January 2017. Me at Work


How To Write Creative Literature

Good literature stands the test of time. Writers, unaware of being called creative writers cannot just stop writing at this. Let me share about writing, not as a creative writer, but as one writer like the rest of us and one writer who earns the right to represent her own experiences in her work (Paul Horgan). Creative writing is a gift you never have to ask for, it is something embedded in your life. As you would not like the events or that gift of grieving, it happens as you write, as you live and as you work. It is there. You share a memory of that season, of that place in your heart because it haunts your brain. And when you don't do that and write about that, you feel empty or incomplete as though, it is only writing that mattered in your life and in that vocation is a responsibility, "noblesse oblige" (to act with honor). How could you produce creative literature? Write from the heart. Write with all your soul and with all your might! Of course, you have to find out …

On January 15, 2017. Journal Notes

Writing is something I cannot do without...

It is in me.

2017 is real promising to my writing endeavor

2016 has saved a lot of good memories - nerve wrecking but exciting

God is good all the time... please help me God

Guide me in the work you chose for me

Thank you, dear Lord.