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A Conversation With A Writer


On Article Appeal

After sex appeal, it can be article appeal!

To sell an article in this new age of technology, work out on article appeal.

Newspapers, magazines and ezines will like that.

First, work on the title.

A dull caption will never get attention, but should be changed to a crisply informative subject. It will never attract eyes that can scan fast.

If the article title is vague some readers will leave the topic out.People are interested with various subjects that will entertain and inform. Assume that readers are not dummies. Every reader needs update and fresh ideas. They will take topics that are fresh and full.

Work on human touch and let the manner of texts be easy and natural leading to more thoughts and benefits.


1. When writing for a newspaper, attack the real interest of the subject at once.
2. The opening like the title must show that the article has something to offer the reader.
3. The middle paragraphs must support the lead paragraph with exact information.
4. Omit pretentiou…

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