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Colors of Rainbow

Colors of Rainbow

You were there beside me
And we didn’t speak

I saw your cloak, and the habit
You were wearing
in black origami

I looked how your hands moved
Laid on each other
Your mouth
Silenced in your thoughts

You didn’t tilt you head
And your neck was
Monumentally glued
So your eyes wouldn’t
Look at me

They only looked at me
When I clasped my hands

I knew it was you
I knew it was you
I knew it from my heart

Because when you laughed
I heard it teased me
We understood each other
When we laughed

It was so beautiful

And then you built
A rainbow

I saw the true colors
Of flying cranes
Circling around you

We always looked out the window
After drizzle to find rainbows

I miss you so much.

Rose flores martinez