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Travel: Caramoan

Discover these questions asked about places for vacation:
“Is the place really beautiful?”
“Would I/we have fun?”
“Is it exciting?Is there something special about the place?”
Travel is binding some time with parts of the earth, learning life, and having fun.It renews connections to where man couldn’t be alienated to water, wind and soil.
Whether travel is vacation, work, education or binding time with special people; it paves ways sowing seeds of life’s precious moments.
Paul Theroux claims, “It’s the journey, not the arrival that matters, and creates anew the adventures of getting there, via the Orient express, the old Patagonians Railway, and other memorable means of locomotion.”
Let’s visit the Philippines.The island is composed of 7,107 islands.It is a rich niche of natural beauty and resources.
The latest vacation favorites are nearby places to Metro Manila like Tagaytay, Laguna, Batangas, Bulacan, and Pangasinan.
Tagaytay has a cool weather abundant in tropical fruits and vegetables.

Korea: That Special Connection

That special connection... everyone’s sharing in food that reminds of the last supper.
I know this is common, but for me it is something grand and special. 
In those moments, our thoughts were one as  we learned together.  When I was widowed - my Korean students, came with me in grief and prayer.  I found them a great sense of   worth to continue on living life bravely: working/teaching.
At this time, Korean culture shares to the world entertaining dramas and stories about their legendary heroes like “Jumong,” and traditional Korean cooking “Jewel in the Palace,” among others.
Koreans work hard like other Asians, too.  With regard to fashion, women take care of themselve’s, no matter the age, and at the start of day you can see them well- made and with make-up. 
Korean men are handsome and thoughtful.  At snack time they share together and to those around.  I remember drinking tea and having cookies with them at break time, as we tell stories of culture, communities, and some special to…

Vietnam: My Heart

Sept 19, 2010

Who would want to go to Vietnam?Some wouldn’t bother because they think Vietnam isn’t so popular and quite dangerous.But then, when I was sent to Vietnam for a teaching job – I could not cut off something in me that is part Vietnamese: my heart.
The country of Vietnam is rich in natural resources, and people with simple hearts and of great courage.If you are their friends, they will not abandon you in your need.I perceive the Vietnamese as always ready to defend a cause.
Catholic lay, support catholic groups though in small communities and work together as one family.Churches in most part are built in French architecture with strong temples and huge statues.People solemnly pray.
Vietnamese children are adorable.At first they seem to be quiet, but later they are merry and full of energy.They are so curious and with stories showing a rich culture of their origins.
Succulent fruits and vegetables like strawberry, dragon fruit, water melon, potato, carrot and more, are abunda…

Japan, ESL, and Secrets

Japan was my first time.I mean, it was my first travel for work/workshop away from my family.Try to imagine being in the shoes of someone poor in geography.Of course, the excitement was there, as with the anxious feeling of being lost.
You are right, I really got lost – just like when I was in my younger years and even in my own country.So – maybe, I haven’t mastered my weakness for places.But then, when you’re at the brim of the drink, you will see all that’s inside.
Japan is adorable.The first time I stepped in its soil, I felt there was something sacred and peaceful in Japan.Air was fragrant and fresh, as its nature.Weather was cool and my body approved of its coldness.Parks were nurtured with budding flowers and flying birds to and fro.Around was so clean, as if Japanese wind sweeps dirt everyday.
ESL Lessons
Japanese children were so cute, smart, and full of energy.If you dance with them, they’ll dance with you, and jump with you, and play hard.They don’t approve ofboring moments, th…

Stations of the Cross in Poetry Prayer

September 21, 2010

Stations of the Cross in Poetry Prayer by RoseVoc2

Station 1: Jesus is condemned to death
You were betrayed Jesus Even by trusted friends Still shows us charity  Life for us you mend
Your power brings to serve People you call your own  Condemned to death, for us A Father’s promise sown 

Jesus on the cross, by your love heal us.

Station 2:  Jesus bears his cross

Cross, you bear means love Almighty’s gift to the world Jesus, brother, keeper To journey with us, Lord
You became man Mercy for humanity Sky and earth unite Miracle flowing sanctity
Jesus on the Cross, by your love heal us.

Station 3:  Jesus falls the first time
Lord, let us hold you Lord, let us rise with you Power in humility                                      Shows us to be true
No man is perfect Only God - is Lord Jesus, as example If fallen, hold to peace
Jesus on the cross, by your love heals us.

Station 4:  Jesus meets his mother

What grief for a mother What grief for a child What grief for a beloved Alone in sorrow, Jesus gui…

A Promise and Clothes of Time

September 9, 2010

A Promise and Clothes of Time


The first thing to do is burst

My heart, my soul, my mind

The tiny breath of life let blow, let flow

In the sublime gift of sky wind and water

My feet arising from the ocean’s bottom

Will walk the waves of the earth and stones,

The galaxy my playground

I will run in both ends of North and South

East and West, time and dreams

Stars one by one will bounce like twinkles of diamonds

I will come naked -

Playing in the wind,

In the forest dawn till dusk

Sun and moon will be the pins of my hair

Flowers will dance with me

In spring and autumn

And in the summer, its breeze will free

All the kisses I have kept

Through the years,

Those I have saved and endured for you


I still cry

My tears couldn’t stop

They’re like waves that return to the shore

GOD’s watchin’

He saw how I bruised and scarred the planets

And how aliens chained me, when I could have

Exploded cities

Instead of hiding from wars

Guns were out there seizing everything I ha…
A Short Exam


A: I am thinking of me

And you

And our future together


B: Your future alone

My future alone

In separate ways


Which is better?


The rise and fall of tide crack

The walls of my thoughts

I never stop dreaming

Guess my thoughts

Yes, you are right -

I don't love you.


The Internet: A Community of the World

Learning online is a gift of technology. The computer is almost like many libraries around the world. Information and entertainment come easy and helpful as used wisely by students, professionals, workplaces and homes.

Learn these easy steps to conduct your research:


1. Consult general reference works to gain background information and basic facts, bibliographies, computerized data bases and other sources.

2. Use Almanacs and Yearbooks to provide up-to-date information on any topic along with statistical facts.

Atlases like the Hammond Atlas, the National Geographic Atlas of the World, and the New York Times Atlas of the World can help you identify places anywhere in the world and provide information about climate, places, and industry.

3. Consult Biographical Dictionaries ( noted authors of all time and contemporary authors), dictionaries (give correct usage of words and some information), and Encyclopedias (provide primary information and explanations). Random House an…

A Japanese Poem: 千羽鶴 (A Thousand Cranes)

Four Seasons with GOD

Four Seasons with GOD

Dear God, dear God
I give you myself
Split from skull to toe
Hold me

I give you myself
My hands and the work I do
Hold me
Talk my thoughts

My hands and the work I do
Let bloom like yellow flowers in spring
Talk my thoughts
A plethora of honey threads

Let bloom like yellow flowers in spring
Because I miss golden autumn
A plethora of honey threads
And breezy humming mountain

Because I miss golden autumn
When dancing ripples cup my tears
And breezy humming mountain
Waiting winter earth’s arm to hug like twin hearts

When dancing ripples cup my tears
How magnificent boats of pearls and seashells
Waiting winter earth’s arm to hug like twin hearts
Where we’d go summer dear God?

How magnificent boats of pearls and seashells
Seasons of life like melons and ponds of fruity icy cream
Where we’d go summer dear God?
Kiss me in prayers and hymn of love

Seasons of life like melons and ponds of fruity icy cream
Are you beside me dear God?
Kiss me in prayers and hymn of love

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