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WATCHING FILMS . also on Yahoo Contributor's Network

People have their own quiet wars, strange ideas, and resolution at getting at things and existing. Pleasure, fright and dreams shown on the cinema, bring reality close to discoveries of the mind, perhaps seeing through time and events coming to the present. The past and the future are linked in stories. That is to say a fractured earth or a hopeful tomorrow laced to human life now. The audience stares at the silver screen in excitement waiting for something to move and end; and for a good return of their time or money's worth. Check the following choices. "People Like Us" is movie about families, correcting mistakes, and taking care of children. Chris Pine, Elizabeth Banks, Michael Hall D'Addario, and Michelle Pfeiffer, star. Rules in life, as shown in the story are: Lean into it. Your mom is always listening. Know it well if you like something. No door is closed, knock like a drum. Everything you think is important, is not - everything you think is not, is. Don'…


Tips For Keeping Notes While Writing Creatively By Rosalinda Flores-Martinez
When I write fiction or nonfiction, I make sure I use my notes on my journals and those texts I have marked on books.

It is true that you can never be a good writer if you have not read widely.

In writing, you cannot spark inspiration if you are not passionate in your work. You would write dull as when you wake at dawn with no urges and kiss without fire. Yet, if your muses are up all the time as good work habits, your work will stand the test of time and tide.

Here are some tips.

Mark your books. This is a way of interacting with the writer and the texts, especially while writing creatively. (See articles online "On Marking Books")

Rewrite forceful statements and relate them spontaneously with your own thoughts.

Reread your old notes or journal entries. Get those that could suit the topic.

Explore new words. Writers are word lovers. They make their own (informal) definition of words.

Consult the d… blessed afternooon!


My Psalm Narrative Poem Prayers

My Psalm Proem Narrative (Reading Psalm Prayers:  Non-stop) Author:  Rosevoc2
Dear GOD,

Let me always remember the laws of the Lord
And meditate upon it day and night

Make me like a tree planted by the rivers
Make me bear fruit that will last, too

Please search my heart
Blot out my sins, and all our sins

Help us to be righteous
Until the time we meet. 

On Your sacred hill, dear Father
I will stay and sit

I will ponder on Your laws and learn
I will bow down to your chosen King

Guide us in our task
Let everyone fear Your rod

Let holy workers be happy
Your protection, our refuge. 
Dear Father,

I raise my heart to you today, and ask for your nearness.
I know you are near. Let my work be for you.
Let the work of everyone lift them up in you.
Let us all rejoice in your Majesty and your blessings.

Admonish our wrongs. Give us power to live the truth.
And coming from the Holy Spirit let us understand
the meaning for which and why we live. Help us
in the daily grind of life and let us know that lov…