Tuesday, April 7, 2009

my high school family


Students and Mother

Vietnamese friends

Death and Peace

Language Center

Mother Maria


Mama Mary at Mt. Caglago, Caramoan Philippines

From Juvy for Mother

yum yum yum


life rearing children is a vocation

it comes as a duty to the family

a responsibility to GODs calling of moulding

the best for the world

there are times, its forgetting other things

and choosing just to watch how children grow

and being fat

and minding the house chores

everybody ignores

holy wednesday

today is holy wednesday

i pray i could tame myself to face ordinary things

of just keeping light like St Therese

of realizing that GODs love comes in the most quiet hours

when no one sees

helplessness turn to glory

the wrath of good friday

is a cross

saving mankind.9:05