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Old Manuscript from Cook Magazine: An Interview with Sir Levi Celerio



Missin' no one...

Is missin' everyone

Lovin' no one

Is lovin' everyone

I wish there was someone

Maybe a snowman

... I'm out of words

dreamin' sleepin' prayin'

good night.

Thank you dear GOD for today.

Merry Christmas to Everyone. And a Blessed 2011. Ishallwrite

Images: What Does A Child Care For Meaning

Images:What Does A Child Care for Meaning?

The nursery rhymes like the “Mother Goose Rhymes” (How Does A Poem Mean by John Ciardi) give every child a sensation of fun and play.Interpreting lines might be difficult for children but the spoken words offer children an amazing method of learning.Repeating lines of worth unconsciously builds up sharp memories, that might come useful in the future (when the child grows up).
“Little Miss Muffet,”“Humpty Dumpty,” “Hey Diddle Diddle,” are examples of what the kids want.Truly, they’re sharp images!
What does a child care for meaning( See Mother Goose Rhymes):
Robert Frost provided a valuable clue when he spoke of “the pleasure taking pains.” The main concern ofpoetry is not to arrive a t a definition and to close the book, but to arrive at an experience.There will never be a complete system for “understanding” or for “judging” poetry.
“Hey Diddle diddle The cat and the fiddle The cow jumped over the moon; The little dog laughed To see such craft And the d…

Going French

Let’s Go French
The French are vibrantmoving and irresistible.Beneath their elegance, they respond to atavistic and primitive impulses.They are unembarrassed people made for special occasions.They may behave badly, but they always act superbly.
I have never been to France, but it gives me interest to go French in this article because of their contributions to the world in terms offood,religion, family, elegance, and language, among others.And don’t forget the French kiss.
Check this:
Anatole France is the pen name of Jacques Anatole Francois Thibault,.He is a French writer and editor.He wrote the Lady’s Juggler.
St. Francis of Assisi (1182-1226) is the founder of Franciscan order of monks.
Louis Braille is the French inventor of embossed reading system for the blind.
“Bonsoir” is French for “Good evening.”
“Bon appetite” means eat well or enjoy your food. Brouhaha uproar, hubbub
“Coup d’etat” is a sudden overturn of a government.
“Faux pas” is a social error or blunder.
Noblesse oblige explains …

Paris/ From Koji san and Hisayo. Thanks.


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