Monday, August 24, 2009

When Life Seems to Wane Like a Moon

Life is a miracle of changes.

Like a moon it goes full and sometimes wanes.

When life seems to wane like a moon... what would we do?

We have to sing a song.

We have to rise and go out fishing.

We have to dance.

We have to jump like horses, fly like birds, and run like dogs.

No, we don't have to sleep or else dreams would fade like shadows.

We have to smile like flowers blooming,

or we could wash our eyes and get refreshed.

We have to always try seconds, minutes, hours - every breath we take.

Remember after the moon wanes - daylight would come,

because tomorrow night, the moon would glow again

like polished glowing diamonds.

When life seems to wane like a moon

and the monsters hover around us...

GOD would crack the earth

make us happy again

and play in the full moon.

9:30 AM, 8.25.09