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Finding God In Your Life

Finding God in Your Life
“I beseech You, O God, to show my full self to myself.”  St. Augustine
Once in my poetry class, my teacher told me to write digging into something deeper in me.  I understood her well, but told her “I may not be able to come back and that is scary.”
Another professor made me deal with emotional truth, as in dramatic writing, and still another let me write about a testimony.  All must be candid.  I thank God for my mentors.  They did well.  Hence, my moments of  truth!
So here I am, omnipresent in time and space. I love my work.  I deem it my duty to write.  I share it as a gift.
In James Olney’s “Metaphors of Self” it says that to become what we are not, we can only then begin for what we are, but the process of becoming must be an evolution and growth, never a disruption, from that potential and inherent in the beginning.”
Life is like creative art, you must live it with zeal.  In any work or vocation you choose there comes a responsibility: doctor to patient, tea…