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just sleeping and eating

it was planned, i would not go out today or the weekend

ive tried to arrange for everything, and even my UPV family (tita cely) would pay for my retreat fee

i couldnt attend though because i have to do house errands

i couldnt even read for the Holy Hour this Friday of the Sacred Heart because no one would be left in the house to look after someone who is sick

im a rebel, a nonconformist many times

but then when I am summoned by my faith i could do nothing

but stay in the corner

eat and sleep

and write some things that come up to me

like today

i finished today with snores, and eating bread, chips, and fish balls

and asking GOD my allergies would be healed

and complaining of the april heat

Thank you Lord for today, for keeping us all safe

Thank you Sacred Heart for Your love to the world

writing advise

mam marjorie, my poetry writing teacher, advised me in her email that i should be writing a beautiful sentence or paragraph everyday for practice. i thank her for untiringly not giving up on me, even after our finished lessons way back my creative writing classes. ive always admired her poetry, and adored her diligent vocation as a writer and teacher.

now, i also tell my students to write and practice everyday... and i hope for their diaries, too,

to mirror the self

yes, teachers are like faithful mothers and students - sons and daughters

hbirthday, april3

today is the birthday of wenzi. she is a very charming lady now. i like her with her winking big eyes and her expressions that make me laugh. but she has a problem ... she wants more weight because ever since... she's that skinny little girl. anyway shes drinking weight gain now, and flaunting her eyes with eye shadows of different colors. she's wearing yellow today. may GOD hold her close forever.