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Post of Sir Albert Casuga and Sir Isagani Cruz

December 3, 2009

Today, I have read Sir Albert Casuga's and Sir Isagani Cruz's posting on their blogs.

I had a nice time reading Poems for Veronica and the Hebrew Song by Havareth on You Tube.

Poems for Veronica, tells about growing old together, as the poet focuses on the love of the female butterfly to the male butterfly. And more about seasons that change... I will try to study his profundity of words

Sir Isagani's blog about other languages (aside from the native tongue) serves different people around all parts of the globe. Hearing/ Seeing Havareth makes me remember in their lead singer the looks of Paul McCartney. Of course, he isn't Paul. But they rock now... that is what matters

Also, try and watch their videos online. Watch the Rabbi's

Once online, I saw Pope Benedict XVI praying on the walls of Jerusalem

Back to Sir Isagani - He taught us in Creative Nonfiction about the different forms of Nonfiction like book reviews, literary letters, tes…

On GOD's will

Life is GOD's way to show us He exists and loves us all.

The Father GOD made us become His children: without tags, without discrimination, but only the faith we have in Jesus Christ

Whatever name we call the Deity, and whether we like it or not, there is a GOD,

Thank you dear GOD.

In life, choices is a showcase

And we are free people, yet, freedom here calls for responsibility

And as we love ourselves, so we have to love our friends, family, co-workers, strangers, enemies, community, and everyone

This is hard to do...

Quite ideal

But LOVE and the Holy Spirit will help us if we try

To experience this freedom and responsibility in service.

I have wanted to do things, like others do

I could always choose and say "yes," for glory

But then, I had always said "no"

And let GOD do it for me

I say it as "GOD's will,"

Where strength and courage always came from GOD.

YOU, to accept what you don't like

And let go of what you like most

is a miracle of GO…

December 2, 2009; Live Journal

Today is Wednesday, December 2, 2009

And I shall be writing ... I shall write anything that comes to me ---


Well, sometimes we have to see through ordinary things

And those blessings we receive from Heaven

When you write, it is hard to let go off those experiences, and

Then make them visible in words

We have to.

Details matter like the merry days of December

And then the agony the Maguindanao massacre brought us, Filipinos

Men in power abuse lives

They see us like ants and shoot/spray their bullets

They killed innocent lives

And us, too. Our hearts were there.


Healing priest Father Faller visited our OLBL Parish

To heal the sick and help us with prayers

The night was grand, everyone was praying.


Life is passing... we have to make good everyday

I can only have this words for this moment

Good evening and may GOD always remain with us all.

The Cinema

The Cinema

From its humble beginnings, cinema has been heralded as a uniquely endowed art form providing escapist for a socially alienated audience. From a historical point of view, cinema seems to have played the same social role in the 21st century as that of the novel in the 18th century. Filmmaker and writer William Burrough writes, “What has made money will make money.” This axiom encourages studios to the tried-and-tested formula rather than experiment with a new twist or a new technique.

Screenwriter Clodualdo Del Mundo Jr., Ph.D (University of Iowa), illustrates the “Filmaking Universe” explaining the inner circle as the mainstream industry, whereas the outer circles reveal for alternative films.

“The farther the screenwriter is from the center, the more independent he or she becomes,” Del Mundo says.

It is important to know that there are different audiences. The commercial industry already has a niche market but independent filmmakers still have to look for their own aud…

Hungry and Full, Whatever ...

Hungry and Full, Whatever…

You are what you eat,” dieticians tell you repeatedly. “Okay,” you say to yourself, “I’ll cut down on high cholesterol food, skip the saturated fats and stay clear of sugar. Instead, I will take lots of fruits, vegetables, and lean meat.” That solves the problem, right?

Or maybe you promised not to eat dinner and have a snack instead of chocolate cake, ice-cream, barbecue, just for once – because you feel hungry. And hungry as you feel, you eat almost everything inside the fridge. Then, you’ll swear by the heavens “I will not eat supper tonight!” There goes the cycle.

Whatever the case, a low-fat, low-calorie diet is probably one of the best ways to stay healthy to make you really feel good about your body benefiting from all the right food. But apart from the vitamins, minerals and proteins your body is soaking up, you may be getting more than you want of chemicals and bacteria that could be in the food you eat – without you knowing it. It may sur…

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