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Be Merciful to Us, Dear Lord

Truly, birthdays happen and the earth is growing older
Sometimes, it is difficult to move far from whence everything started
Some of us even grope in darkness
And lament the many questions of life.

And though, we advance with science, technology, and knowledge
No one could create one precious life, as beautiful as it was created
And moulded by God’s own hands.

We ask for mercy, Lord
Here - we would not need anything
We don’t have to bring our resumes, awards, gorgeous clothes and estates,
Neither do we boast of our sacrifices nor offerings.
We come to you like a child.

Forgive us Lord and please stay with us
We trust in your love to us, no matter what,
And though our frail bodies die, You,
Our real Father would never abandon. (as from the Holy Bible)

Give me a clean heart, O God.
Give us clean hearts, O God
So we may serve you, and be happy.

With all the chaos now,
With all the war, differences, and calamities, in our world today
Be merciful to us, Lord.  Be merciful to us, Lord…