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Saint Hannibal's Devotion to Maria Bambinella

Saint Hannibal's Devotion to Maria Bambinella
Saint Hannibal was a great Marian devotee.  No feast of the Virgin Mary, under whatever title, was ever forgotten.  Novenas, songs, prayers, vigils and fastings were done in her honor.  One of the favorite titles of Mary that Saint Hannibal loved, was the Maria Bambinella.  He let people photograph himself bearing her in his hands.  He wanted that each community of the Rogationists and Daughters of Divine Zeal should have Maria Bambinella, and  solemn celebration on her feast should be done.  Before his death, the Blessed Virgin Mary, comforted him in his final earthly life by appearing to him as the little child Mary.

The St.  Hannibal Rogate Center wants to spread this wonderful devotion of Maria Bambinella to all the faithful.

To:  Maria Bambinella
Almighty and merciful Father, who through the cooperation of the Holy Spirit, did prepare the body and soul of the Immaculate Infant Mary that she might be the worthy Mother of your Son, and …