Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 6, 2014. My Journal Notebook. Thoughts on Logic

I love merry-go-rounds. They make me excited, then moving, then stopping. When I was a young kid I glory when it spun fast, and we were shouting with fear and excitement. My skirt was flying and I felt so free. When I got older, I got scared of spinning objects, I don't know why. Maybe, after my Dad's death, everything in my body got scared, except the will and the heart.

Days ago, I had a conversation with Benedict (an ex-seminarian, my adopted son) and told him that he shouldn't be thinking too much, like burying his thoughts on logic. Sometimes that would be futile because we could only live in God's mercy and grace, saint or sinner. God is the only thing perfect on earth and in our lives.

I said that reason is impotent. So I don't want him to be impotent.

"Do you say that priests are impotent because they reason out by logic?" he asked me.

"No," I answered. "Priests are not impotent, they are hot because they have a heart and that is how it is supposed to be."

And we ended in a laughter.

July 5 is Saint Hannibal's birthday.