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March 14, 2104. Journal Notebook

I'm still looking for the hanky cloths my uncle will need for Mama Mary's feast day.  I pray we'd find it soon so we can print already.

I bought one pair of kiddie clips from the pharmacy and I'm trying them on my head.  They're golden brown and they look like a bull's horn.  I still think I can't use them when I go out.  I'm not a kid anymore, but I'm using them in the house now.  

Months ago, I saw one neighbor eating ice-cream early in the morning, after the mass.  I said, "Would that be good for health?" He said, "Why? It's delicious!"  Today, instead of my coffee habits, I'm trying cold softdrinks (not juice).  Ask me why.... "... it adds life!"

Well, I'm finding things to do instead of my daily cleaning chores.  I'm re-reading my books again; all of them in piles and boxes.  Soon I will let go of some old books because when I open the pages I feel excited as thunder  like gobbling them all in th…